Fish Another Type Of Pet

September 19, 2020


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It is very common that the concept of pet is associated to the beings that have traditionally been used by humans as pets. Among such animals stand mightily out cats and dogs although we must not forget that there are many other species that coexist with man (for example are currently widespread animals like ferret or the Guinea pig and even reptiles.) However there are a few animals which, despite not joining in the Western collective imagination in what pets refers, are animals that have been raised by man since time immemorial. We refer to the fish. In fact in this text I would like to address its existence as pets and put the emphasis on the practice of the trying which can develop through the purchase of various materials at any online store pets today.But many will wonder what is specifically the trying? The trying is an activity that has as its ultimate objective the breeding of fish and aquatic species learned of his natural environment and which is performed in controlled artificial environments and with a high level of supervision. Under most conditions baby clothes would agree. Note here that the breeding of fish or trying is not only an activity encompassing within the work carried out by biologists or producers of fish but that it has become a hobby for aesthetic and ornamental purposes. However the trying is not a little tour, but on the contrary practice is an activity with thousands of years of seniority and deep roots in Asia.

In fact the birth of the trying we can find it in China at the time of the Qing emperors when began to raise fish in captivity as pets with ornamental dyes. At this time, historians say, the techniques available were very rudimentary so proliferated the breeding of goldfish, the toughest (which has also conditioned the tastes of that color in the current Asian fish) also acurofilia, embodied in the breeding of carp, not only focused on China, but that I just spread to many places of Asia and in this way since the century XIX, Japan became the country of reference in the breeding of ornamental carp or KOI. Currently there are many means available to the practice of the trying and very advanced. There are even aquariums and containers that already offer not only the greatest advances in acurofilia but also offer an avant-garde and decorative design. For example we can highlight the Aquarium Fluval Edgeque as well as having all necessary progress for a correct practice of the trying offers a very careful design, which turns into a decorative object for the site where it is placed. In fact this aesthetic component is very remarkable with the current rise of the trying and its return to the aesthetic factor what is implying that the materials used for the development of this ancient activity are as ornamental as the practice itself.