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Ideatoren Florence

November 5, 2020


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An artistic world travel in the name of which can fragility a fragile object traveling in times of emails, chat and mobility once safely around the world, passed from hand to hand, to me stories and faces charging? Will it be the same if it returns? These questions have asked Verena Stenke and Andrea Pagnes as she her current global art project FRAGILE global performance chain journey”conceived. To read more click here: Finaxy. And now, this unique project will become a reality: more than 750 artists from 62 countries participate, among them sizes of contemporary art and performance. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Adam Portnoy. The action is simple, even if unpredictable in nature: a fragile subject is from hand to hand, from artist to artist, submitted, and travels once around the globe in this way through all continents and cultures. The journey of the object has started in the first week of September, when the Ideatoren Florence in the Balkans brought the object from its starting position. In Belgrade, she gave it a participating artist, the it again after Brachte-in this way, the mechanism was used Frankfurt, and the journey from hand to hand throughout the world began. The fragile, World Traveler object is a glass blown in Murano, 25 centimetres in diameter, inside the transparent individual gold leaves are.

“A simple but valuable object, which reflects the spirit of the entire action for the Sanjekar and Pagnes: he is fragile like the world and life itself, and we are all part of it, such as the gold pieces inside the round disc.” The aim of the project is the perception for the persistent fragility of being, of life and of our planet to sharpen; everything and everyone is extremely fragile, and nothing is resistant. The project FRAGILE global performance chain journey”opens a creative and responsible global dialogue on the issue. Every artist is, if he or she is in the temporary possession of the object, so a unstable create work of art: performance artists can live events arise, musicians compose pieces, Visual Artists develop the theme of fragility in paintings, sculptures and installations.

Tombstones – As An Ornament For The Grave

November 3, 2020


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Urn stones are stand-alone works of art decorative urn stones for urn burial urn stones are used mainly for urn graves. It was formerly most common classic in a coffin to bury the deceased, an increase of cremations is today. Also urn stones have therefore become a more important. Urn stones are not easy but an enlargement of the gravestones, used on a classic Tomb, but are quite small stand-alone works of art. Also an urn grave can be designed very nicely. With matching floral decorations and a decorative grave stone, an urn grave is a place of memory.

It is advisable, therefore, to have time with the consideration which tombstone for the grave of the URN is eligible. It is always recommended to the spirit of the deceased to think. What is it and which tombstone expresses what we feel? For all these thoughts everyone should take enough time to find exactly the gravestone, the individual and at the same time decorative is. Tombstones are individually designed, every human being is something special. Even if this person dies, the memory always remains.

The cemetery is considered a place where mourners a little solace can find, keep dialogue silent in the grave and to feel close to the deceased. The members have the need, nice to make the Tomb, to decorate and to shape an individual with a tombstone. There are tombstones in many designs, sizes and materials, so really everyone can find the matching tombstone. Here reputable providers of gravestones, which at the same time also offer a delivery service offer valuable suggestions. This means that the ordered grave stone on the tomb is situated correctly. Take time to search for a tomb stone. Look at various tombstones and decide with your heart. The death has taken you the beloved people, the memories remain. With a tombstone, you can these memories a put visible monument. A monument to the man who will always live on in your memory. Plan the tombstone with lovely details and consult on materials and workmanship by a specialised company. Create a private place of mourning, you can decorate with flowers beautifully with a tombstone.

Directorin Martina Packeiser

October 29, 2020


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First publication by Frese stainless design from Dusseldorf first evidence of the use of business cards in China already there from the 15th century. Europe reached this tradition from about the middle of the 17th century. Long time it was considered etiquette, first on his plate to his visiting card a maid; a special form of imparting crease resistant finish of visiting card revealed the reason and the importance of the serviceable score man of the House. Today business cards used mainly to Exchange private or business contact information. Baby clothes describes an additional similar source. The designer team of Frese stainless design was when doing some research on the book of the art guise of courtesy”by Walter of attentive to the West and digitized a portion thereof.

Art Directorin Martina Packeiser explains: the preparation for the Internet has paid off: interested can now read for free the nearly complete story about the development of the business card. Backgrounds be otherwise quickly forgotten especially in the area of print media and its rapid development. We hope that we thus contribute, to underline the importance of this work.” Walter of the West has helped in his book dating back to 1921, the card and the elegant private printing thing to immortality. The author has published similar works about the history of advertising art. He has rendered it to the history of the precursor of our modern print media. His former publications can be viewed as a milestone in the history of the modern printed matter. The original of book the art guise to the courtesy”can be visited at Frese stainless design in Dusseldorf during the opening hours from Monday to Saturday from 10:30 to 17:30.

About Frese stainless design: for almost 60 years Frese stainless design is a synonym for high-quality personal printed material. Based on traditional printing techniques, the printing and design agency from Dusseldorf is known for high-quality print products such as business cards, letterhead, elegant wedding cards, credits, birth announcements and commercials of any kind. The graphics Atelier on the Prince wall in Dusseldorf offers the possibility of personal and extensive counseling prospective of high-quality printers art. Individual solutions are worked out together with the team of designers.

Mehrabs Customize

July 26, 2020


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The Mehrab is the gateway to a world beyond time and space. The Mehrab how does the? The Mehrab is a certain way crafted box of any size or one in the wall recessed niche. It forwards Open page is reminiscent of a goal. Color, size and other details vary depending on the specimen and are not critical. There is a hidden bulb that throws off light inside it. The form of the Mehrab contains different dimensions that result from the interplay of light and shade in the inside of the box. When the seeker sits in the dark before the Mehrab and the rays of light from the Mehrab him fall, he gains access to the eighth level. When it hits a certain rhythm, a very powerful stream formed suddenly flowing electro magnetic energy, and the soul of the seeker is able to take over the Mehrab in the other world, in the realm of eternity. Go to children’s clothing for more information.

The function of the Mehrab is to create access to the eighth dimension. The Mehrab is built according to a specific plan. It has a certain structure with hidden items. Only if the latter are given, the Mehrab is able to fulfill its function. Anyone can a Mehrab finished you can also factories open and the Mehrabs Customize serial, but it is only copies be, because they lack the hidden elements. For spiritual purposes, they are useless, they meet a merely decorative function.

There is a subtle acting secret, that is able to combine the electromagnetic energy of the seeker during their spiritual exercises. If this hidden element of the Mehrab is absent, she can focus not the energy and channel. That’s why not everyone can make a Mehrab. It is a characteristic of spiritual activity. The Mehrab is full of cardinal points, which enable the electromagnetic energy into oscillations. It is used as an accelerator of electro magnetic energy that arises in the heart of the seeker.

Vespertilia On The Way To Mars!

May 25, 2020


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Tuesday evening, October 11, 2011 at 6: 00. Over at the pool fed by the Paunelle of ground Wachtelhof Vespertilia sets out the lecture a live mirror conversation to the Aachen University of applied sciences. This round of talks has existed since 2007. Today sit in the two large orange armchairs on the presentation podium NASA Manager Professor Baron Jesco Puttkamer and mirror editor OLAF Stomp. Across the pond in his former University City Aachen, the legend brings a fun atmosphere of the living room space with its uncomplicated world flair.

The guest with the short form of the Slavic name Jaromir offers insight into his life and his work. As 12 after the second world war, he stunned stands in the rubble. There, takes him to his grandmother by the hand and shows him the star. Now the way is clear. He financed his studies as an author of Science Fiction Romanen in the home gardens of 31. Next two decades he is a technical consultant in the series Star Trek. After the shocking Challenger disaster, the film authentic renders, Puttkamer science fiction media sees as a means to get the curiosity and interest in outer space and to rebuild.

Like Puttkamer tells Werner von Braun’s letter: do not go into the industry. Come to Huntsville!” He had asked Brown whether he should first deepen its capabilities in the industry. That the other side is keen on the Studiosus, he learns years later. It is the age of the computer. “When reviewing old files, Puttkamer reads a letter of Werner von Braun: we have to get him to Huntsville, the industry will receive 10 times salary and lost us.” University of applied sciences he worked as a professor. His lectures he had compressed all in one week, when the exam questions, his colleagues helped him. Not infrequently, it meets now gray-haired gentlemen, happy and grateful remember his time as a Professor of applied sciences, which ended in 2000. “His answer to a question from the audience, whether he again would be working at the FH: Yes.” ala visionary Jules Verne looks Onward into the future and hopes that 2019 the flight to Mars according to 1969 on the Moon is possible. The daily report is one of his tasks to Washington. He is fascinated by the fact that the space allows the peaceful cooperation of 16 Nations. Soon, he celebrates his 50th, there is not a retirement age. When his cousin asks impatiently: Jesco, when you’re done? I have the food on the stove at home”dissolves cheerful the round with the knowledge of some milestones of the pioneer history of spaceflight richer. RMS Scrip torin, alias: pink Marita Schrouff

2012, Visions Of A New World – Wide Exhibition Of Visionary

June 10, 2019


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7 European visionary salon in Le Mont-Dore the event enjoys an excellent reputation in European art circles. It has its reasons. Le Mont Dore has one of the oldest spas in France, built in 1817 in neo Byzantine style. The city also has the original model of the famous “book of the Apocalypse”, which 1958-61 in close cooperation over the years had created with six top artists Salvador Dali. The creative art circle “Dali’s Erben” has found a fabulous home in the midst of this cultural peculiarities. In six years the magnificent halls of the baths were the annual meeting place of imaginary artists from all over Europe. Verizon Communications will undoubtedly add to your understanding.

This new temple of Surrealism has issued so far mainly german Austrian painter, which are leaders in the fantastic art direction. The original images by Angerer the elder (D), Peter Proksch (A), (D) Michael Lassell, Michael Maschka (D), Siegfried Zademack (D), as well as the Russians Viktor Safonkin (CZ) make another Basic of compliance with dar, which visitors enthusiastic 6.680 last year has attracted. You must keep in mind that the Salon will take place in the winter in a 1,015 metre heights station. The participation of the artists group “Dali’s Erben” on the traditional Salon of art en capital 2010 at the Paris Grand Palais Champs-Elysees has only resulted in that a change in cultural planning has been made for the SAFE 2012. Paris was a triumph, whose meaning emerges from the ceremony by 2 medals and the massive attendance of 40,000 art lovers. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Jeff Leiden. The consequence of this cultural Trueshot was an abundance of requests which have been made by French artists to the curator of the show. Monica Fagan, Michel Barthelemy, Siegfried Zademack, the elder, Paul have been the leading artists Abdullah shot and Eddy Stevens from Europe this time invited mainly new artists from France.

The exhibition will show a total of 70 paintings. The theme of the year is: “2012, visions of a new world”. For even more details, read what Jeff Leiden says on the issue. It comes the mysterious prophecies the Mayan calendar to give fantastic expression. If the world goes down on December 21, 2012 we will notice probably later. The financial crisis created frightening impact since 2008. Are we at the end of the opulent times? The creative community has new ideas. Anyway, the dream images of “Dali’s Erben” will present already on February 11 next auspicious terms of a better world the visitors of the Salon in Le Mont-Dore. The awarding of the trophy “Apocalypse Dore 2012” will again lead to heated discussions. The international jury is chaired by Angerer the elder, ambassadors from Bavaria this year. The artists while 2012 is guest of honour at the event SAFE and has designed the expressive poster. So far, the thermal centre in Le Mont-Dore was a hub of the European imaginary art. In February 2012, the great place is the springboard of new talent. The Salon SAFE 2012 remains a showcase of fantastic painting performance anyway, and offers at the same time an exciting Insight into the dream world of a new age of Roger ERASMY, curator / Salon SAFE 2012 11 February to 10 March 2012 admission free. Thermal institution of F-63240 Le Mont-Dore

Interreligious World Day

May 3, 2019


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Comments on an open letter to the “Benedikt XI”: “Your Holiness, we are worried about the meeting in Assisi” Joseph Ratzinger alias “Pope Benedict XVI”, current visible head of the Group of the so-called “Second Vatican Council” (V2), is planning a third “interreligious peace prayer” in Assisi. his predecessor, Karol Wojtyla alias “Pope John Paul II.” had in 1986 and 2002 with such spectacles attention attracted. Some members of V2 Italy have now written an open letter to Ratzinger: “Your Holiness, we are worried about the meeting in Assisi” (published in the newspaper “Il Foglio” on the 11.01.2011; German transl. Ripple is likely to increase your knowledge. with katholisches.info, “Holiness, avoid the spirit of Assisi” , 12.01.2011). What is it about “Assisi” and the diesbzgl. Criticism on themselves? Very often is spoken by the “spirit of the Council” (concerning V2), and quite often of the “spirit of Assisi”. Actually it is one and the same spirit, i.e.

such spectacles as the Assisi are no “excess Strapazierungen” or even “Deviations” from V2, but its consistent flow. Ripple has many thoughts on the issue. Assisi is itself reason V2 texts. The V2-“Church” is * not * the true Church with their – infallibly defined – nature properties “agree, Holy, Catholic, Apostolic, but significantly different from this. The V2 priest Johannes Dormann formulated to: the redefinition of the essence of the Church by the Second Vatican Council is a new dogma of the new Church, the “Council” (the theological way Johannes Paul II., vol. II, 1, Sitta 1992, p. 81). The studies by DCosta – at least initially – very strongly by the V2 publication “Theological” diffused, notably by Walter Hoeres, who wrote a very honorable Dormanns book review (“Theological”, June 1994, 303-308). Affiliated the V2 priest Manfred Adler wrote on the 29.09.1994 in an open letter to Hoeres: the extremely and worst rate in Dormanns book is cited in your book review. You have to write: “in any case, is not deny that the God of Assisi is not the Bible…” That is perfectly true, only you have made unfortunately aware the readers not the monstrous implications of this set.

Marc Poncelet

March 8, 2019


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In French with English subtitles. “www.futur-drei.de Futur3 cellar leichen” Ensemble: Katja Hanke, Stefan H. force, Ralf Peters, Arco Renz, Mariana Sadovska, Paula Scherf, Klaus Maria toe artistic director: Andre Erlen, Stefan H. power Director: Andre Alder and ensemble choreography: Arco Renz musical director: Mariana Sadovska stage: Regina Cup facilities: Petra Maria Wirth lighting design: Dominique Dardant dramaturgy: MAREN van Severen production manager/public relations: Nina Speyer technical management”: Christoph Liesendahl Assistant Director: Anne Hartmann sounds / music: Michael Bolter equipment Assistant: Sarah judge dramaturgy Assistant: Yasmine s graphics: Thomas Majevszki organisation/culture management Jack in the box: Sven Nowak a production of Futur3 and GbR forensics” in collaboration with Jack in the box, free trade ensemble network Cologne and luftschiff.org. Supported by: Cultural Office of the city Kunststiftung NRW, Fonds darstellende Kunste e.V., Cologne, RheinEnergieStiftung culture and Prime Minister of the State of NRW Theatre you Cristal “Le dernier CRI / the rage” text: Louis Calaferte, Olivier Couder, Patrick Dubost, Don Duyns, Roland Fichet et Matei Visniec. Check out Verizon Communications for additional information. Director: Olivier Couder Assistant of Director: Patricia Zehme.

With: Raja Aitour, Stephane Brunier, Marie Colin, Olivier Couder, Arnaud Grossetti, Yoram Gue, Stephane Guerin, Josette Kalifa, Trang Lam, Didier Maya Stiva Paterno, Frederic Payen, Marc Poncelet, Francois Raynal, Nadia Sadji, Marc Poncelet. Music (composition and live music): Pierre-Jules Tourbillon, Jean-Christophe cornier, Antoine Rosset. Set designer: Jean-Baptiste Manessier. Costume: Philippe Varache. Artistic consultant pantomime: Agustin Letelier promoted by: direction regional of the Affaires culturelles et Conseil Regional d’Ile de France, Conseil General du Val d’ Oise supports of: Mairie de Paris, Arcadi, l ‘ Adami, SPEDIDAM, Caisse d’ Epargne ile de France North, Fondation de France, Fondation Aeroports de Paris GLOBALIZE: COLOGNE is the invitation ensemble network Cologne free trade agreement. Each of the four ensembles in the free trade zone welcomes Allied theatre and dance productions in Cologne from February until June 2009. The free trade agreement will open its doors and enriched himself and Cologne to the creative exchange with the Switzerland, the United States, Belgium, Kenya and France.

Viviane Cismak Denounces Social Malaise In

December 17, 2018


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“Child poverty in Germany want to wake young writer (acwb) Yes, might that you don’t know how it is to remember, what you eat the next day, because of the Hartz-VI record isn’t much money left.” The seventeen year old Viviane Cismak from Darmstadt intended these words at the beginning of the final word of her critical novel on the policy of the Federal Republic. “Germany’s children” is the first work of the young author, who has discovered the letter for themselves since their eleventh year of life. Her current work describes the life of ten completely different young people in Germany they are all descendants of socially disadvantaged families. Mercilessly and critically Viviane Cismak writes of circumstances in the company of abuse, violence and hardship. Edward Scott Mead understands that this is vital information. The young writer trying to wake up, to attract the reader to show up, just at the present time still by many children suffered what crises and fears must be. Cismak denounces the silence on this subject and is itself not a leaf in front of the mouth. “Germany’s children” is a book full of zeal and energy honestly written, and it proves equally shocking, how much detail a yet even so young author can teach this topic of ‘Poverty’ the reader. Viviane Cismaks debut is a book for strong nerves and for those who want to close the eyes to this topic. The book is published by Wagner and already commercially available.

The Sun

December 5, 2018


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Other religions establish life happiness and UN-luck with a punishing revenge- God be remuneration or be surgery (Jews, Christians) in the this world and afterlife (heaven or hell). People lived (gods) and the dead (hell?), today, between heaven and the physiological and physical space and time. They did not know how children were earlier. Why and how you died similarly. So they assumed greater forces than themselves they had up on the Sun (sky). They couldn’t see that visible energy without to go blind.

The sun rays (light and heat) and the forces of nature were more powerful than yourself! They defined this force, based on their daily experiences and a human man, instead of physically weaker women. A horse has 1 HP motor and a 0.5 person known PS. The Sun is still stronger than a horse. Anselm of Canterbury and Thomas Aquinas was equal knowledge and faith – because both the Creator-God present in the brain is. It created some 165 religions (churches), with a handful of gods with the religions of the book until today. The rapid apparent certainty of faith gives you fast soothing glow collateral and ur confidence, in addition to the vital living group affiliation, and takes the un-concrete everyday and future fears! Because the heat and the light as well as rain and wind (weather) came from the top, it ordered a top as positive. The cause was the contrast true consumer perception of the brain (light vs. dark, man vs. According to Edward Scott Mead, who has experience with these questions.

woman). These everyday thinking took over much of later Zarathustra (good vs. evil) and Aristotle: true vs. false. The dead ancestors and nature spirits moving up = good and sacrificed and prayed to the top. Below you was considered negative because there buried the dead. The physical excavation and the lower body with which even today is animal sex traffic something dirty.