November 26, 2012


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He could perhaps be a physical defect. But taking off the Tonho scar it did not make look like no apparent defect. Not cacoete had none, nor limped. What it would be after all? Already it was not enough to all its concern with immigration and all those instructions of Ana. Now it ran plus a risk, and well close. Therefore Tonho was working in the same walking and ruvava.

It would have very of being cautious not to oppose it until having full knowledge of what it would come to be this. It found better not to ask nobody, much less Ana, even because it would not have courage to repeat such word in high voice. Its situation now was being half complicated. Therefore it had to decorate much thing, between them: that its new name was Jorge and not Migrantino. Its nickname of infancy was Fred.

That it had a problem in the right ear, beyond knowing of color where if the emergency exits located all, to defend itself of a possible onslaught of immigration. Having well-taken care of of what to make in situes of emergencies. Using difarces adjusted. to complete finishes to be alerted that its colleague of walking age one goiano that ruvava. still superficially, obviously, could not forget that it had to work and to make well its service. After all of accounts, for incredible that it could seem, it was for that was there. For it saw of the doubts, it always looked for to remain itself moved away from Tonho. When crossing it in the corridor, passing the dust vacuum cleaner in the carpet, if limited to say one ' ' oi' ' with all the care not to oppose it. Until one day when it was in the one of its rooms making its service, tonho cries out it of the corridor: ' ' I clink! , please, it can disconnect hoover of the taking pra me? ' ' It stops a little and binds a thing with the other. ' ' Hoover' '! , And in a relief sensation, it goes until Tonho and it says: aha! , you ruva n! Tonho answers: yes because? You not seeing? Later I clink discovers that the Brazilians had invented some verbs and expressions that do not consist in the dictionaries and one of them: to ruvar, meant to pass the dust vacuum cleaner, that in English if calls to hoover. But pronunciation would be ' ' rver' ' , of where &#039 appeared the expression; ' ruvar' '. With passing of the time, it can evidence that Tonho was one of the faces more legal pacatos and that it until then knows.