Dom Casmurro

November 28, 2012


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– Banal? Certainly it will say in them why? – Because of the subject. – That subject? – The jealousy, however this. Nothing more banal than the jealousy. Luca Substance (caramba) it was not prepared to hear so great imprudence. It smiled constrangido and it was silent, looking at for the ceiling.

Constrangido, nor in such a way for presented seeming, how much for the offered argument to justify it. The time it passed, silence ached, the smile congeals. Perplexos instants. The room asked for the mediation of the master. – Professor! Professor! Ritinha shook LM for the arm. Remade, it continued. – One repair only occurs to make me to the story of Antonio.

In fact, as it observed Leandro, the text could be more concise. Of remaining portion, I praise the imagination of the author, the previous and minute characterization of the personages, the meldico zeal of chats, the acute and penetrating adjetivao. Luca Substance gave to its words the characteristic tune of the conclusive speeches, insinuating that nothing more it had to say. In made they go it, inasmuch as Ritinha raised the arm and was soon saying that it does not understand the argument of Caspar. It did not see as the triviality of the jealousy could contaminate the story. It fit to the professor to elucidate the dissenso. Effect, the confrontation seemed inevitable. The courtesy due to the visitor noblesse oblige – it threatened to lose to the aside remark of Ritinha, whose curiosity, discerning and legitimate, could not be ignored. The fact of Ritinha to be fianc of Antonio by no means weakened the arguio of the young woman. The question was to know if the penalty was valid to deflagrar one contends been born of a well-known truncated thought. LM wise person who Caspar commits one gafe unforgivable, as much of the social point of view, how much intellectual. Gafe social until it could easily be pardoned, to the account, perhaps, of a temperament rude, or a migraine badly cured. Difficult to skirt, however, it represented to be the intellectual imperfection. It was not permissible that a man of letters, celebrity, author of diverse books, did not know to distinguish the plan from the literary forms the plan where if points out the story of Antonio – of the plan of the mundane life the plan where viceja the jealousy with all its proverbial vulgarity. The jealousy appears in the story of Antonio, as well as, kept the had ratios, the adultery one in the Dom Casmurro, that is, as substance the service of a creative intention. If triviality had in the story of Antonio, would be there, in the art of to reconstruct the substance of the usual life, never in the same substance. Not, the penalty was not valid. While LM arrived at this conclusion, Antonio asked for license to leave, alleging fatigue. He folloied it to Ritinha. Excessively they had been leaving after an other, except Caspar, who remained talking with the host until high hours of the dawn. Noblesse oblige.