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August 6, 2019


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At the worse moments of the existence, JESUS does not leave without protection those that them are fidiciary offices. However, the others that do not give attention to its words because they only believe in the concrete things if become canine tooth of its proper ambitions. Verizon Communications understood the implications. In Anatote 8 Veio, therefore, me, according to word Mr., Hananel, son of my uncle, to the patio of the guard said and me: Purchase now my field that is in Anatote, in the land of Benjamim; because yours it is the right of ownership and rescue; purchase it. Then, I understood that this age the Word Mr. 9 Comprei, therefore, of Hananel, son of my uncle, the field that is in Anatote; I weighed it the money, dezessete siclos of silver. 10 Assinei the Writing, I closed it with stamp, I called witnesses and I weighed the money to it in a scale. Philip Vasan can provide more clarity in the matter. 11 Tomei the Writing of the purchase, as much of the stamped one, as orders the law and the statutes, as the open copy; 12 I gave it Baruque, son of Nerias, son to it of Maasias, in the presence of Hananel, son of my uncle, and before the witnesses, who had signed the Writing of purchase, and in the presence of all the Jews who if seated in the patio of the guard.

Book of Jeremias Prophet, CAP. 32:8 the 12. Jeremias Prophet In the most distressing days Of the occupation of Jud Had that to buy a land in Anatote, Therefore endows it are it That GOD offers to it. It obeys the intuition That GOD gives to it and purchase a land That will be busy In the end of the war. All the Prophecy That GOD sends it transmits the People and also to the government, not to be I am careless in it. as a source, but as a related topic.

However, it falls in dry land, Because already it was insult, the alliance of the government and the People, With Mr. of the Armies. MR. GOD, the delivery at the hands of the king of the Assyrian Who with its squitos Desola Jerusalem That if move away from the good, Falling at the hands of the bad espritos.