Learn How To Open A Bottle Of Wine

February 3, 2014


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Take wine is not like taking anything, because you can start to enjoy, from the moment that you open a bottle of wine. At first glance, it might seem complicated but is actually very easy and pleasurable, because while it is true that the wine is enjoyed with all five senses, you can verify this by opening a bottle of wine. The corkscrew is the tool that is used to open a bottle of wine, regardless of the type of wine. There are several types of corkscrew, with a few is more simple that with others, but in the same way with these steps you can achieve it. First that nothing must put the bottle in a vertical position preventing it from moving at all. Make sure you remove the capsule around the neck of the bottle with a knife or a short capsules for inserting the corkscrew to the bottom of the Cork. This must do you by slowly turning the corkscrew until it reaches the stop.

Before removing it, you must remember that to open a bottle of wine you should avoid to move, then gently pressing the bottle with the table, you must pull up corkscrew until it comes out. Remember some corkscrews have a few small levers that will help you to remove it, but if not, do you manually and carefully. You did it, after opening a bottle of wine, with a washcloth, cloth or fabric cleans the mouth of the bottle and you’re ready to share and enjoy your bottle of wine. Make sure you pay attention to the sound that makes the Cork out of the bottle, smell it, feel it, then serves the wine into glasses to continue to enjoy this delight. Original author and source of the article