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February 14, 2014


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Preparing the Land to launch the Seed Text: Mc 4:1 – 8 In the Biblical text Mr. Jesus Christ was teaching the multitudes through parabolas, that illustrate situations where the people are taken to think, to imagine and to live the situation. When this telling on the semeador to launch the seeds and that type of land. ) Side of way b) On pedregais (rocks) c) Thorns d) Good land the Seed that the bible in tells and the word to them, good new the new salvation life, eternity. The Semeador that little plants little harvests, but what much plants very harvests, it is living days where the climate oscillates very, and all the plantation has its correct time, plantar soy, beans, orange, at last whichever the seed will have that to total depend on the climate, observing the reporters so that does not occur extreme rains, droughts, at last because the plantation turns the support of the families, where many agriculturists appeal to the banks to finance these plantios. But so that all this process comes to occur, the first moment exists of to prepare the land and to launch the seed in the ploughed, adubada land.

Because if the seed to be in the way it way, had occurred losses the amount of fruits will not be the waited one and this for bigger planning finishes occurring why the manipulation of the man exists who most of the time does not have comprometimento with its tasks and finishes making in a way displicente if not worrying in the final result. Pedregoso, difficult land of the seeds to create deep roots and soon finishes, dying and in this way the estimates of profitabilities, why the semeador cannot assume this loss, at this moment the concerns day persecutions of the banks to charge the loans and all the too much situations that can occur.