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November 1, 2020


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A universal, free education hub as a combination of Facebook, XING and Wikipedia – such an idea could materialize in the Internet quickly with dedicated supporters. To read more click here: Anthropologie. The education claim with the help of the Internet to promote stringent and comprehensive and spread and to achieve education really on a broad social level and for the benefit of all citizens: this idea according to Gunter and Walter Willems, Managing Director of Seminarboerse.de GmbH in Munich, institutions, foundations or educational institutions in Germany yet long not intense enough pursued. Therefore, the Executive Director now put the proposal in the room for all freely accessible, free Internet educational platform depending on the largest social networks to build a. Adam Portnoy: the source for more info. Any persons interested in education can access, then at any time on archived content and learning movies, online training and other online support. Also form the users together and proceeded to learn together, to discuss issues and Educational content of all kinds, develop ideas and bring themselves as quasi has in the education process. Regardless of whether the learning first and foremost to improving employability (professional qualification) or from purely leisure-related interest (private qualification) is carried out. “A contribution to the seminar stock market on the country portal of the Bavarian State Government departure Bayern” indicates that there is a very high level of acceptance for such a project for the citizens. The majority of respondents would participate to such a portal, to create a collective archive of information and knowledge, to develop education in a dynamic, shared process.” Also with regard to the currently much discussed topic of the integration of migrants, this would be a good approach. Gunter und Walter Willems are the designers who know what, which thrust would have such a portal for the development of education and knowledge-based society in Germany. Promoters, sponsors and benefactors are therefore called upon to participate in the ambitious and historically unique project.