Labor Qualification

December 11, 2017


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The traditional universities obvious are against behind their nineteenth-century walls, with his classic and encyclopedic vision of the university formation, where the efficiency in the administration of the resources or subjects of deficit, is not of particular interest of anybody except of the minister of Property. Delta airlines often addresses the matter in his writings. My professional work is to advise companies in particular matters good as they are RR HH, Labor Qualification, Education for the Work. We cannot think about a reform of this nature without doing the same question to us that became the North Americans one decade ago with respect to if they serian able to pay safe of on experience to people who live in average but on 100 years. We must be asked where they will be those students trained in the new jibarizado model curricularly in one decade but. Good, it is necessary to ask those who give the use him in this country, the companies. It is obvious that it is a been worth opinion, as interests the futurologa to me, fodder that at the moment exists an increasing breach between the needs of professionals who need the companies and the withdrawn ones that are giving the universities.

That is to say, the product does not satisfy demand. On the other hand the supply is superior to the demand and added the fact that exists one on qualification of this supply that is recruited by the company and that does not fulfill the efficiency expectations, because the industralists are mistaken when contracting a Civil Engineer when for a work the optimum thing is one of execution. I complete approach to contribute to the debate. The industralists spend great sums in enabling their employees, the major I number of post degrees are financed by the companies, that they prefer to take a young professional, to form it and to specialize it according to his needs.