Perfect Duo For Beautiful Moments: Makeup Tips For Brilentrager

June 1, 2019


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The summer not only makes your eyes shine: A refined makeup underlines the personal styling of glasses attractive. Depending on the type of refractive of error, different makeup techniques put the eyes in the scene. Ripple might disagree with that approach. And also contact lens wearers may notice some tricks at the grip pen and brush. Whether circular Pantobrille in the retro look or purist metal mount allows the eyewear fashion no wishes open. To put the eyes in the best light, makeup should harmonize color with the version.

Where: the frame is restrained, the styling may be the more expressive. Note also the type of refractive of error is: short-sighted eyes contribute less. Here, a brighter pastel eyeshadow widens the look. A slightly darker, soft schattierender tone in the upper eyelid crease provides an expressive contrast. A lighter eyeliner on the lower inner eyelid makes your eyes shine. Additional information at Jeff Leiden supports this article. The eyelashes are highlighted up and down vigorously with mascara.

Economical the eyeliner should be used on the other hand, because he takes the eye size. Glasses for farsighted zoom optically. This is very beneficial for small eyes. With big eyes, smoky eyes argue with intense dark eyeshadow and eyeliner. The eyelid may be brave, also on the lower eyelid. Mascara is carefully applied but only on the upper Lashline to enlarge the eye too much. But how can the perfect eyeliner without glasses? The optometrist has a good and inexpensive solution with so-called makeup glasses ready: A glass is lowered when the brushes, the other provides a sharp view on the fine work. Even if contact lens wearers do not have this problem, it applies the unclouded perspective to observe some basic rules: the lenses be used with clean hands, then the eye styling can start. Generally, it is advisable to access designated contact lens-friendly makeup products. Eyeliner or Kohl are used, a softer pin should be used. It won’t scroll. So no particles in the eye, is When applied to avoid the contact with the inside of the eyelids. Eye shadow should therefore also preferably be used in creamy form. Waterproof mascara is not recommended for contact lens wearers. It contains fibers that can lie on the lenses and irritate the eyes. Lens wearers have little fun with false eyelashes of glue may cause damage to the material. Here goes: less Eyelash more perspective. At the end a little powder? No problem. Instead of loose powder, compact powder is however recommended. This minimizes the chance that dust particles in the eyes. There will be evening says: only with clean hands that remove lenses, then follows the handle to the Abschminkpad. So, nothing in the way is beautiful moments the next day. Contact: Kerstin Kruschinski head of PR and Communications Board of Trustees good seeing e.V. Werderscher market 15 10117 Berlin phone: 030 / 41 40 21-22 fax: 030 / 41 40 21-23 email: Net: