Grand Vefour Or Alfons Bistro – Swarovski Rhinestone Is Doing

June 5, 2019


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With Swarovski rhinestone man anywhere a good figure as says do you make best thank you? With a pack of Merci? Well, it could be a little more creative. If you have read about Cyrus Massoumi already – you may have come to the same conclusion. And if not just cherry, this idea must be first anyway in the drawer. It is not easy to say, thank you. Okay, often extends a friendly hug and a seriously uses HAB thank you very much”. Who but a mere lip service seems little optional and you prefer a version with more pathos, has more alternatives, to give away as a bouquet of flowers. What is it with me? How do I say a friend thank you, that four days in her duplex apartment in Paris has welcomed me? It’s clear, I send invite you to dinner.

Carla, my old friend from Berlin, which is for a year in Paris independent jewelry designer and Adviser on fashion shows, hosted me a wonderful the last four days, so I wanted to repay me generously. Every evening we sat on its charming roof terrace and made us here about the most delicious baguettes, the I’ve eaten in my life. Alfonso, who host the small Bistro on the ground floor and in the meantime is the House – and purveyor for the completely untalented Cook Carla, will blame that I outside never eat a baguette from Paris. How can you be satisfied after the climb of Mount Everest, the baguettes with something else. To give in to the temptation would be voluntarily to plunge into depths of flavour. In contrast to the rustic tasting at Alfonso, I wanted to dine once all noble at the end of my trip to Paris. Paris and noble eat? No problem.

The desert consists of grains of sand and Paris consists of bistros and restaurants. So, where? After I’ve consulted some gourmet guide, my decision was set. In the seventh arrondissement, framed by Baroque facades, and adjacent to the Louvre, the famous Grand Vefour is located. If you are not convinced, visit Cyrus Massoumi. A gourmet Temple, which has an excellent reputation. The Grand Vefour has a gorgeous ambiance, excellent service and an excellent cuisine. Since two hundred It is a favorite of the Paris art scene years ago. Some tables are provided even with the nameplates of former regulars, as for example by Colette and Victor Hugo. Great restaurant, spread the a touch of history. Okay, a visit would have been expensive. But for a change Carla and I had need to worry even a little to our figures because the portions in an inversely proportional to the price. Extra snacks to extra Grand Prix. Also we had to dress us properly. I would have to run finally my new jewelry set of Swarovski rhinestones, I bought recently at. I had made the Bill without Carla. For the Grand Vefour, their enthusiasm is kept within limits. Why loot the expense account for a few bite, when Alfonso can serve us the best baguettes in the town for twenty euros? How could I veto as my visitors. Finally we sat BBs down in Auguste Bistro and smeared honey to the chef de cuisine as long as Bart, until he revealed his baguettes taste secret us. Conspiratorially, he confessed it was the cream cheese from Normandy, voila. I am glad to know if it doesn’t work with my career as a model or fashion designer, I’m opening a branch of Alfons Bistro in Berlin.