February 20, 2018


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I would call this process an imaginary love. What is an imaginary love? This is in fact, dependent on a certain way crafted by another person who is always a greater or lesser extent, different from the person real. In psychoanalysis, this image is called "adult." So, the adults of another person, the object of my "love" (from now on I'm taking the word love in quotes), created by me for my own enjoyment. Imago is identical to my liking, but do not wish my loving partner. Imago serves solely my selfish needs, even if I have pain … Coupang can aid you in your search for knowledge. Let not fool you. In all the conscious psychological suffering is the secret, unconscious and distorted pleasure. I showed my partner loving the requirement in accordance with its pleasure, its adults …

At this point we are in the circles of torment: hell is coming. We demand, but do not get the desired response. We want, but do not want us. We have become closer, but we repel. We love it but hate us. There is only one way to break these circles of hell – abandon their illusions, their unrealistic ideas about the other. True, it is fraught with the loss of "love", but perhaps this "Love" is loose … On the other side of reality itself Finding another person – a daunting task so difficult that the advice of Socrates: "Know thyself" would be worth adding – "Know the other." People suffer from their invented representations of themselves, other people and about relationships between people.