Social Service

April 19, 2016


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The Val my person who orientates, for the incentive, patience and understanding stops with me. The Patrician coordinator of course, and to all the professors who had contributed for the knowledge acquired in this trajectory in my life. The Lea Andrade, for the support given in this period of course end. We have the right to be equal when our difference in inferioriza; we have the right to be different when the equality deprives of characteristics in them. Bernard Golden often expresses his thoughts on the topic. BOAVENTURA OF SOUZA SAINTS SUMMARY This work has for objective to analyze the contributions of the family in the process of socialization of children with syndrome of Down.

It is given to special prominence to the intervention of the professionals of Social Service next to the carrying children of mental patologias and its familiar ones. This study it still emphasizes the necessity of a bigger knowledge of the family for the acceptance of the son with deficiency, what it will be able to reflect in the improvement of the development of these children. The base for the elaboration of this study was the Association of Parents and Bonanza Friends of – the APAE, located in the city of Salvador-BA. The used methodology was of exploratrio character, of qualitative nature how much to the ways of inquiry it are used the experience story. On the basis of searched literature is possible to affirm that the birth of a child with Syndrome of Down provokes in the family imediatistas reactions as shock, sadness or disillusionment, but that, on the other hand, it awakes for an adaptation to the requirements and the demanded cares. Moreover, importance of the family in the life of a child with Syndrome of Down is observed it, in the direction to contribute for the affective, social and cognitivo development. that the social assistant plays a basic role in the measure where it is one of the responsible ones for the minimizao of the suffering in such a way of the children how much of its familiar ones, as for the emotional support that they need.