Eleanor Roosevelt

January 25, 2018


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The Power of the Woman the women are as sachets of tea: its force is not known until being plays in hot water. Eleanor Roosevelt The woman does not know its force. The Society, with all its theories Feminists, became the woman in something nonsense. The woman left left of being owner of house, mother, wife and queen of the home, to become a woman travestida in man. The majority of the women had chosen to be as the man and to make the same things that the men, but are not the work, are not the exercise of the Citizenship, nothing of this, for many women was not enough to guarantee right as citizen. Many women want to be as the men: To have the same irresponsibility of values. To have the same irresponsibility stops with the home.

To have the same irresponsibility stops with the Family. To have disrespect the same pra with the life of the others – the men abandoned the children, the women want the right of abort them. To have the same iressponsabilidade with the alliance. Results: Still she is necessary to enumerate? Certain that it must to the great indices of children misadjusted, professional unprepared, homes desfeitos, destroyed families, unfinished dreams, diseases resultant of abortions of success I doubt, hurts and other negative feelings, the increase of recurrent diseases to the users of allowed and illicit drugs become invalids the thought of Eleanor Roosevelt how much the women of the present time. Clearly that excesses exist! But if they show few. It is when the question of Salomo enters, when the virtuous woman praises. ‘ ‘ Virtuous woman will find who it? Its value is bigger of what of finest jias.’ ‘ (Sayings 31 – 10) That we, the Christian women let us can in them become worthy women of so beautiful words, in louvor to our attitudes, as mothers, as wives, as loving, as friends, as auxiliadoras in its homes.

That let us can remembering in them that is for the Education of our children who we are recognized for the Society. The Education of our children o mirror that reflects the result of our work. Fihos disciplined well they are, without a doubt a guarantee of that we will be leaving better children for the world. It is our change of attitude as woman who goes to oxigenar the Air of the Future. it is our daily exercise in observing our homes in the minimum things that will make of our home an example to be followed by our children. After all a good example supplies the necessity of many words. After all the words are straw to feed the fire of the character, but to forge a good human specimen, one gram of good example is necessary. That let us come back to be as the sachet of tea, teeny and until insignificant, many times, to the eyes of this iniquitous and permissive Society, but that when launched in the fights of the life, reacts chemically as esteque if it makes, that it shows its it are and value when shot gua hot. It thinks about this. has one week wonderful.