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April 14, 2016


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And, at least for a strong, free, advanced, flexible women's family is not necessary. The family may be her pleasant, interesting, but it can perfectly live without it. On the other hand, the myth that women need family tenacious and effective. This myth is so "tight" so permeated our lives and all our mind, that he became almost a reality. The girls experienced and experience when not to get married, and no clever arguments can not reassure them. And what joy, what an event for which the wedding! And if she does not become a philosopher, she argues that her family needed. And the guy yet.

The family is need a girl, not boy. The years, he had married, she had already given birth. And what is the balance of interest in the family? As a rule, remained the same. Of course, the man with the age of ever more in need of a family, a family comfort, but the fact is that at least fifty years before it had great choices of women. He needs a family, but not in a particular woman, because it involved women – lot. And he may choose.

And it wife – not, precisely, its selection is more limited. * For the majority of it is limited to only: with the husband or no. Find a man – please, but my husband … Dating Service Employees talk about the problems of their clients. 20-25 years – a boys, no girls. 30-40 years a lot of women, men are completely absent. (As recognized by the consultant: "If suddenly we call a man of this age are interested, I am ready to order from the end of the wire on the hook to drag!") 50-60 years there men, but do not look at the same age and looking young, who do not look at them. For 60 years, completely disappeared women and men are looking for … And now if you take a specific pair, usually in family life is more interested SHE. But no intelligent woman would not agree with that. She knows what it is, and why this does not agree. She is involved in the worldwide conspiracy of women. Of course life is much more complicated than described in this article. And if your family, today is experiencing difficult times and need assistance, you should not turn a blind eye to this, measures should be taken, urgently! Sometimes, to arrive at a correct solution of its forces is not enough, then better to see a specialist – a psychologist.