Yutongo Launches Beta Test Of New Open Innovation Platform

April 12, 2016


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The Swiss idea factory yutongo with headquarters in Biel/Bienne, the beta version of their new open innovation recently launched platform. Sandro Morghen, yutongo, 2010 – yutongo solution in three different points differs with its open innovation by competitors offerings in the German – and English-speaking area: while conventional online brainstorming providers offer no actual, methodologically enriched process of the ideas and collected ideas on a simple online form, the ideas run through at yutongo a systematically structured and varied idea process. It collected as many fragments of the idea in the first phase, from the perspective of various sub questions. In the second part of the idea process new ideas due to combination, refinement and re combination of collected fragments of the idea. These are various online creativity tools available. Further, yutongo differs from its competitors through the remuneration model of the participating ideas. While traditional vendors typically a premium model individual participants offered ideas on the platform, make the customer awarded one or more winning ideas with an amount of money puts yutongo on the compensation of the time of the creative. In any creative process, also online, participants inspire each other, and at the end is not to determine, by whom an idea finally came.

Therefore we keep our compensation model for the fairer and better solution, so the founders of yutongo. Can anyone who basically with yutongo for each project on a versatile and optimal idea team respects. The third USP of yutongo concerns the authorship of the developed results. While providers typically have no responsibility for the quality of the ideas take over konvetionelle open innovation, author of the presented ideas in appearance occurs yutongo was responsible. Who would like to participate in the beta test, you can register under ideation.yutongo.com and go directly. During the beta test can edit idea projects free of charge through the yutongo platform companies and organizations. More information:, here we go to the yutongo Web site: