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Business Registration

November 16, 2019


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Registration of a business requires that a person who has applied for registration of the firm, was the person carrying and fulfilling all the obligations facing them, during and after the registration of the company, ie – the founder of enterprise. Treaty establishing the joint-stock company, which lies in the case of a decision on the establishment of an open or closed joint stock company among all the founders, is only valid until the registration company, jsc. In what the founding document for the joint-stock company will be the only charter company. If an entity registered in order to ensure its activities and operations in banking services and operations, investments and insurance services as a legal provision for registration of the enterprise is established by separate federal laws. Place of business is determined by the owner and stated in the founding documents, the Charter, may register a business and home addresses of members, only for this economical society should consist of individuals. Manufacture of printing and check it in uniform register of seals in the Chamber only after receipt of the statement of incorporation and delivery of the founder of copies of statutory and constitutional documents. Further Section Statistics should assign unique codes to the founder for all activities, as specified in the registration of the enterprise. Processed data codes in a special letter, a parent who can only State Statistics Committee.

Once opened bank account with the company founder is obliged to report thereon to the tax office within 10 days from the date of opening. Legal Consultation puts the company on account of the three funds – the medical fund, social insurance, a pension fund. To pay the taxes needed a special identification number assigned to each of the three funds. If there is a situation when you need to re-commit the firm, then we should expect any twists in the difficulties encountered. The most common problem that occurs when re-registering the company – it longer periods of re-registration documents. Re-registration of the firm is the place of residence, so you must wait until all the documents in the Tax Committee of the residence of the founder of the enterprise will restructured and rewritten, and yet will register changes in the constituent documents. After receiving new documents, the founder must apply to the pension, social insurance and medical fund for notice of re-registration and delivery of funds, new identification numbers from the State Statistics Committee.

Registration Of Trademarks – Business Disputes And Litigation Strand

November 11, 2019


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No matter how complicated process at first glance may seem registration of trade mark, in fact, it's just "the tip of the iceberg." Often happens that Rospatent "gives go-ahead for the registration, but after a Time trials begin – most often this happens when the market appears trademark, which apparently "similar" to its rival, not necessarily the title, we can talk about the palette of shades and colors used on product packaging. Just a year ago ended in such a trial between the two producers of oil – Holding "Monolith-Agro, which produces oil and spreads under the brand "Krasnobakovsky has filed a lawsuit against oao City Dairy Plant". According to the plaintiff, "City dairy plant" flagrantly violated the law "On competition" in that it uses for its oil "Kulebaksky" wrapper, to the extent of mixing similar to the label of oil "Krasnobakovsky. Gary Kelly wanted to know more. Federal Antimonopoly Service has supported the prosecution, and ruled in favor of the Monolith-Agro. According to long-term statistics, in most cases, illegal Use of trademarks is seen in sectors such as light pharmaceutical industry, as well as in domestic engineering. A trademark may be the main object of the proceedings even When a product name coincides with the domain name, which, in turn, is registered to a third party.

So, already a classic was the case with "KAMAZ", which took nine long years for something to sue domain name kamaz.ru. Continuing to develop the theme of domestic car industry, we can also mention the company, AvtoVAZ, which is now suing for the domain lada.ru. Plans to appeal to the appropriate authorities and zil, intending to return the domain zil.ru. Moreover, the fact that the owner of the brand was carried out the procedure of registration of trademarks does not imply that the domain name will be transferred to him on a mandatory basis, which is why often the parties to solve the arisen controversial situation before the court – the price issue can be characterized by several thousands of American presidents. Another hot topic is the old Soviet brands. Two dozen ago it was common, including brands that do not was the very concept of "trademark" in this sense. To date, Rospatent forced to determine who is from the manufacturers to "give" one or the other Soviet trademark, with the fiercest battle taking place around vodka brands.

Legal Services

April 13, 2016


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If you can do without it, do not hesitate to cut. We must remember that as long as possible will be preserved at the expense of his chair to keep warm for a loved one comfortable existence, the clerk will lay oneself out, proving to be indispensable. Than it is now so attractive chair clerk? That's right, the opportunity to cut the budget, to take bribes for "services", guarantees immunity. It is necessary to deprive the officer of these privileges! Let's start with the budget. Today, as a working state (read bureaucrats)? First, the multi-million army of civil servants in the sweat of working on the invention taxes, then over their collection, recording, storage, and then on redistribution, then on bringing cash flows to the consumers. During such a long road, but the natural legal costs for work of all bureaucratic mechanisms involved in this chain, yet there is some "shrinkage and outage, reaching half the value of all transferred budgetary funds. There should be a constructive approach (is a description of options out of the situation). The state must remain a function of external and internal protection of citizens and the rule of law, to ensure generally accepted simple and clear rules of coexistence among different layers civil society and legal entities, representative functions in the global community, the fundamental science of the economy and the existence of society. The following proposition, which I think just need to allocate a separate paragraph – the fight against corruption.