Business Registration

November 16, 2019


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Registration of a business requires that a person who has applied for registration of the firm, was the person carrying and fulfilling all the obligations facing them, during and after the registration of the company, ie – the founder of enterprise. Treaty establishing the joint-stock company, which lies in the case of a decision on the establishment of an open or closed joint stock company among all the founders, is only valid until the registration company, jsc. In what the founding document for the joint-stock company will be the only charter company. If an entity registered in order to ensure its activities and operations in banking services and operations, investments and insurance services as a legal provision for registration of the enterprise is established by separate federal laws. Place of business is determined by the owner and stated in the founding documents, the Charter, may register a business and home addresses of members, only for this economical society should consist of individuals. Manufacture of printing and check it in uniform register of seals in the Chamber only after receipt of the statement of incorporation and delivery of the founder of copies of statutory and constitutional documents. Further Section Statistics should assign unique codes to the founder for all activities, as specified in the registration of the enterprise. Processed data codes in a special letter, a parent who can only State Statistics Committee.

Once opened bank account with the company founder is obliged to report thereon to the tax office within 10 days from the date of opening. Legal Consultation puts the company on account of the three funds – the medical fund, social insurance, a pension fund. To pay the taxes needed a special identification number assigned to each of the three funds. If there is a situation when you need to re-commit the firm, then we should expect any twists in the difficulties encountered. The most common problem that occurs when re-registering the company – it longer periods of re-registration documents. Re-registration of the firm is the place of residence, so you must wait until all the documents in the Tax Committee of the residence of the founder of the enterprise will restructured and rewritten, and yet will register changes in the constituent documents. After receiving new documents, the founder must apply to the pension, social insurance and medical fund for notice of re-registration and delivery of funds, new identification numbers from the State Statistics Committee.