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April 10, 2016


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Sometimes of course also something real big out of it can be. At the latest, the question is important, what shape his company because would like to be. The LLC formation as the basis for the business sold the Germancorner.com themselves as German Corner LLC in their online shop German products such as edible, German flags, games, household goods or jewelry. The corporate form limited liability company (LLC), for the German corner decided is often a good choice for expectant US entrepreneurs from Germany who want to realize a simple business in the United States. The company ALTON LLC needed usually around days fourteen to complete all formalities for the formation of an LLC for its customers. Also, for example, in Florida, the headquarters of ALTON LLC, more than one person is not necessary for establishing a limited liability company. For establishing itself no start-up capital must be assigned to, where you should have a bit of money for the purchase of merchandise in the hand even with a planned small importing company however. So Max Karagoz, the thorough preparation of the business is important, “”.

From his point of view, that means: you should be familiar with the legal basis for imports in the United States should seek appropriate German suppliers of products and consider a concept for marketing in the United States. In German niche products, the Internet can be here serving because it simplifies the United States-wide trade with the products. A network to support ALTON LLC can help entrepreneurs with an interest in the trade with German products in the United States in many areas. On the one hand, the company decreases the formalities relating to the company’s creation the ever US entrepreneurs and it creates such temporal capacities, which he can use for other important tasks. On the other hand, ALTON LLC has a network of useful service provider by the lawyer about the tax advisor to the designer of the Web, which support the company’s founder in such tasks for his company’s success. Also the shop with imported goods from Germany will be finally thoroughly prepared. Then, it can become the success story.