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April 13, 2016


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According to Olga, the ceo of bfs, which owns service yacht sales – with 35-60 thousand euros, you can expect to acquire a well maintained yacht or a boat. “Of course, this will be a small boat, but its features and comfort would be sufficient to interesting and vibrant river trips with family or friends. ” Search yacht via the Internet has another advantage: you can find the best deals on the sale of boats and yachts abroad, where they are often cheaper than in the Russia. In this case, questions of registration and delivery of the yacht can take on the owners of Internet service or a special company to track transactions with foreign companies. As once cars, yachts become available not only for the rich, but simply providing people. This is evidenced by the rapid development of Internet services, buying and selling yachts.

A second press release Boats may be available in early September, the company bfs launched the Internet service sales supported by boats and yachts. At the moment, the site put up about two dozen vessels cost from 8.5 to 360 thousand euros. According to Olga , ceo of bfs, on the site You can find a good used boat or a yacht for 35-60 euros. This will be a reliable and modern vessel, ideal for exploring the small ponds and rivers. The new service will be useful not only willing to buy a yacht. Sellers will find a site opportunities for the sale of the vessel.