Irina Friedmann

March 2, 2019


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Worst in history, I think the fear and pressure that are behind it. The fear of the social demands, not to meet the supposed standard, and to be better than others, the pressure only so gets you Yes a well-financed and coveted job. That it must also continue to defend that coveted job with the elbow, it is prepared also carefully and effectively. Because the security on the labour market was not taken for granted “and the individual performance of” in this context increasingly important. Who has made himself the said standard and how it they crammed with people with this norm, in that? And how do the people who could not be forced into this standard? Why is more often by individual performance “and not by individual development “the speech? You may misunderstand this criticism. Oracle shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. It not all with the must be satisfied what times accidentally struck them in the womb and otherwise continue to sit on the sofa and philosophize about the individual development. The compilation make career”could move, but in the parlance of the terms top managers ‘and executives’.

This must be the motivation of people. And before the motivation right must be the social structure. But, you have to start with small things. For example, you could begin before the target of top managers”to decide what you want to manage, and why you want it. And above all must manifest itself in the consciousness of citizens themselves, that success (a “hateful” my word) of a top manager is not less than the success of a normal “employee who takes his responsibilities but exciting and engaging. Would be the suggestion from the uncertain labour market “lebensbejahendere future prospects replaced or at least supplemented, could save himself some top managers before the Burnout and some normal” employee would perhaps also come to worry about his actual preferences and talents before he, education for prevention, a merchant – (or woman). And wouldn’t it be nice if the young people would lead a healthy lifestyle, because they simply find good it out of conviction? And not because the healthy body should remain as long as possible, to later with high individual performance “in the uncertain labour market” with the full force of the elbows to pounce. Source: panorama/gesellschaft/0,1518,814503,00.html (c) Irina Friedmann