Life Islands

March 19, 2019


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So life in nature and the life with the nature. Further details can be found at Oracle, an internet resource. Life island inhabitants are no dropouts, but people who go into the life. Life Islands external individuals and companies can be connected to, producing valuable and useful for improving the environment and living conditions, as well as to the protection of life, offer appropriate services or by what they do, have a role model. What are the benefits of a life Island the various interest groups? Young people can life life island travel, meet interesting people, learn languages, handicraft skills, inside taste in various professions, to find their own vocation or collecting to life, life experience children can visit a free school, where the excellent education alive is oriented. They live in a safe, natural and healthy environment that is free from drugs, madness and crime, where they free healthy, self-confident, people think for themselves can grow.

Still, A living island is no cohabitation in the traditional sense, because every people, every family and also each company retains its independence (in financial terms) and their individual Habitat. But you’ll be surrounded by like-minded people, that important take each other and help each other out. This is especially young families: convenient, healthy living, surrounded by green, flexible jobs, mutual child care, use of community facilities, life in nature, healthy food in the common room, if you once does not, even to cook… Life Islands offer great benefits for the elderly: Here you can spend the evening of life in dignity and, according to individual taste, community contribute to something meaningful, such as in gardening, teach the children in the kitchen. To get help from the community, when they are needed, effective heilkundliche therapies claim can take (every life Island to at least a doctor and a) Therapist, a healer, a herbal educators and a spiritual adviser have.) A private or connected consultings in the alternative healing medicine also is used like the conventional and it is supplied with high-quality, itself built and prepared, best organic food.