Sunnah Ahl-e-hagh

June 1, 2020


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She have effectively considered sacred. Of course these are the words (Kalam) for each Clan differently because each Kalamkhan (reader) tells the story of another tribe. Their music is not based on the Persian tone system, but follows its own system, which means Maghami. Although they officially have a similar name they differ musically. Their music is played on the DAF and tambourine. You have at least an own belief, which neither Shi’a nor the Sunnah can be associated. Chekideh and Chasbideh have their own Saints, called Sultan Isaak or Sultan Sahak this Yarssan and Ahl-e-hagh followers in other regions in the West and in parts of the province of Azerbaijan up to Khuzestan, Kurdistan, Lorestan. The pilgrims who visit the shrine of a such Sultan are called Haji. David Fowler is a great source of information.

This is a very old custom and is based on myths that have not been modified. The children who are born to a family of Ahl-e-hagh are called Chekideh. They are asked at a certain age, whether they want to accept Ahl-e-hagh faith and then are called Chasbideh. The Sufis depict one more direction of the worldviews in the Iran, both Shiite and Sunni versions. Both styles have a very special culture and also literature.

Baba Taher Baba Taher, a great mystic, was a lure. He wrote his seals in Lurischer language, they are part of Iranian literature. His poetry has a spiritual, mystical and esoteric nature. Regime negated diversity of world views in the country of the current regime in the Iran together with his legalistic mullahs tried to studiously ignore this diversity and taking cleansing, to apply to only one State-specific religion and an official language again and again. The mullahs have made writing a book titled “Journey in the dark”, that goes against any ideology that is not the State religion, position mt. In this book the Halim asked to regret the “ieaiiea Yari” and to give up their beliefs, since they were not compliant with the own Islamic ideology. Mullahs look at the followers of Ahl-e-hagh outside as heretics, as well as in the Iran and try to force their Faith to give up.These are clear signs of ideological cleansing. Sign for a religious fascism. But those who pursue these goals belong to a different ethnic group and followers of Ahl-e-hagh want to suppress. The minions of the regime deter Sufis to renovate their shrines in Jeyhun Abad and Bidakhat and unrest and destroying shrines like those of Dervish Nasser Ali on the Foulad cemetery of Esfahan. Finally we see that the repression of religious and ethnic groups hand-in-hand, what we regard as fascist cleansing. All this is done under the banner of the fight against “new mysticism”. The events in Lorestan, province of of Fars, where early September the Suppression campaign left many injured and had even the death of a Dervish named Vahid Banani result are the latest example of this brutal repression.