May 10, 2019


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As the Republicans want to win the US election 2012 elections, also the U.S. election 2012, are a fundamentally insecure thing. Gary Kelly has firm opinions on the matter. Joss Jamon, one of the most ambitious villains of “Lucky Luke” comics brings the problem in “Lucky Luke against Joss Jamon” (1956) to the point as he speaks out against elections with candidates, because: “You never know how it turns out.” The opponent of the presidential candidate of the Republicans in next year’s US election still to be determined (Sarah will not assume by the way Palin) is clear: Barack Obama, 44th President of the United States. And although the Republicans actually confident could won mid-term elections and in the face of poll lows of Obama in a fair presidential election, de facto massive ballot rigging in advance. The U.S.

election 2012, is as much to worry about, will be decided not only at the ballot box, but far earlier. How the Republicans win the US election 2012 want to electoral fraud in US elections, in the oldest democracy in the world – how did you that to present? About, other than it reported just from Russia is to the result of a request the electoral college in the 51 States in the United States rather than in the power of the White House, is it? The Kremlin does just that quite obviously these days with his – directly appointed – provincial governors and one wonders whether Putin has actually needed in the prevailing in Russia, any opposition to extremely repressive climate. But back to the U.S. election: Joss Jamon, comic rogue thought it so that he simply credibly threatened to force all voters if they would vote for his only rival candidate mentioned above. All crossed affiliated properly. But this beautiful, classic method, as well as many more that like to apply in the flawless democracies of the present, are rather impractical for the U.S.