Securities Management

May 16, 2021


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Ethics tends to improve the operation of the company through several routes: reduces conflicts of members that form it, improves the external image of if same, it represents an essential component of the concept of total quality, so necessary today. Of course, ethical business behaviour is not the panacea for all the problems that presents the Venezuelan company, nor driving one hundred percent to the growth and prosperity, but certainly any, not ethical behavior either and Yes can cause problems, both internally and externally. Finally taken into account that manifests that the Securities Management utility is a tool of leadership that may give rise to multiple levels, but basically has a triple purpose: simplify, organize and commit. Simplify: absorb the organizational complexity for the growing needs of adaptation in exchange for all levels of the company. Organize: prosecute the strategic vision to where will leave the company in the future. Commit: integrate strategic management with policy people, in order to develop the commitment by professional quality performance every day.

Remind us of Gonzalez Motigua, chains, Luzardo and others, that the administration of securities, also serve to drive strategic change, is also of high utility to navigate among the pitfalls of every day that hamper to get the most out of what we have. One of the basic functions of all Directivo-lider is the ensure high performance everyday of his collaborators, whatever the size and sector of your company, and there is no doubt that this is not achieved by the mere fact of desiring it. For this among many other things a managerial leader has to know to handle values, and not only of form constitucional or big occasions, but in every day. It is important to morale and sense for professional work well hacho due to lack of animo and collective morality to give of himself with a maximum involvement and performance. Missing customs and values that are worth the penalty to work, customs suitable for the good life or etica of the system. An officer purporting to apply the stock administration to endeavour to have real quality dialogues with its partners that will go evaluating and renegotiating the State of vitality of the psychological contract management of securities identifies gaps between what one believes and how to behave in practice. Organizations do not operate the management by values, make it run people!. They are the values that align the people, those who commit everyone to work to achieve common goals.