Middle East

November 27, 2018


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Refrigerated display cases come in two types – Medium-and low temperature. Both types can be open or closed design. Many traders for best demonstration of food buyers prefer medium-temperature refrigerated cases open design, as on the door in the closed windows may fall condensate. Gary Kelly shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. Cold stores with the ability to access or login inside used for storage of refrigerated and frozen foods and are set mostly in the back and kitchen areas of food production, large supermarkets and catering companies. Since the cell doors repeatedly opened and closed during the day, the mechanical design of this equipment allows for its greater exploitation due to stainless steel, thickened layer of insulation, high-power compressors and other construction features. Vending machine for cooling food and beverages are widely used at various facilities, including schools, offices, cafeterias, shopping malls, public schools. Apparatus, ice generators are used primarily in hotels, motels and similar establishments. These devices are also used in restaurants, service stations, schools cooking 'on Tap 'for resale to customers.

Apparatus, ice generators are classified by application – customized or combined, the performance and the form produced by ice (cubes, flakes, lumps). Supply and demand despite the fact that although some countries have much in common, they nevertheless may vary considerably in their requirements for commercial cold, as well as opportunities for the development of national capacity of the industry. In industrialized countries vysokonasyschen cooling equipment market, and industry was formed. Therefore, demand growth should be expected from developing countries Asia, Latin America and the Middle East, where over a long period of projected rapid increases in household incomes and, accordingly, the share of the middle class.