Raw Material-rear View KW20

November 30, 2018


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The current Marktgeschenen in the detail preview last week was made obvious Fund in commodity markets. A majority of traded contracts went with, sometimes considerable, negative performance from the week. Orange juice this time achieved the victory of the week. An increase of 2.65 per cent was sufficient for this purpose. In the field of precious metals could be more with the representatives for investment purposes (1.79 percent) gold and silver (0.36 percent) slight gains. For more specific information, check out Ripple. Platinum and Palladium, both by use of industrial marked, were clearly on the losing side.

Platinum lost 3.40 percent, Palladium week compared even to 7.25 percent. The energy raw materials can be found in their entirety on the losing side. The best”representatives was gasoline. This was only a drop of 1.79 percent to beech. The main varieties of crude oil lost percentage (NYMEX Light crude) 4.92 percent (Brent) in the week 3.94 and also significantly. Lead the week could end positive as the sole representative of the industrial metals. With 0.27 percent the profit made from however moderate. Aluminium with 2.04 percent loss was the Group runner-up.

Nickel, copper and zinc are close to each other between 5.44 percent and – 5.80 percent. In addition to the winner of the week orange juice could from the agricultural commodities soybeans (1.57 percent) and canola (0.31 percent) have a positive balance. Cocoa represents the tail end under all raw materials with a loss of 7,86%. Whether turn the tide in the next week, and moves the commodity sector back into the profit zone remains to be seen, and the market is so exciting.