November 27, 2018


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Such a scheme reduces the risk of the customer and allows the current regime to deal with the situation at the enterprise, provides an incentive The seller's full disclosure and careful implementation of its obligations under the pre-sales. The evaluation ooo delomag, it should be noted growth in the Russian market sales of small and medium-sized real predpriyatiy.Chislo of transactions has increased more than threefold. This is due, firstly, the increasing number of proposals to sell medium-sized business: more and more companies come to the open market, large holdings are selling non-core assets; secondly, reduced risks of investing in small and medium-sized companies in a third more and more entrepreneurs have the information about the existence of a civilized market of sales of medium-sized enterprises, regularly attend specialized Internet sites, using specialized databases. Federal portal businesses "Delomag, and Delomag.RF (working in the business brokerage services since 2005) currently unites all regions Russia and provides its clients with daily updated daily database of information on buying and selling existing businesses, commercial real estate, franchises, offering and seeking investment. Description of any business presented in a standard format known as the Memorandum, which is detailed information about ready business. The basic facts reflected in the memorandum are: year of establishment of the enterprise, the organizational form and price reason for selling the company, a description of the area in which businesses operate, business description, services, existing customer base, financial status, etc. Business for sale acts as a commodity, so applied to it the classic marketing approaches and can be identified 'target groups' potential buyers.