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The Correct Use Of English

October 18, 2020


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These tired that people ask you to repeat what you said because you did not understand? Perhaps you have studied English before but you are frustrated because your accent interferes with the seriousness of things in your professional or personal life. A strong foreign accent can stop you to achieve your professional or personal goals as well as to reach your maximum potential. Accent reduction program can improve your chances of success by teaching you to communicate clearly and effectively with native Americans. Improving your accent you will be able to have confidential conversations in everyday life and in your current workplace. It is well known that speak English, has become an important issue for all those people who seek to break down the barriers of traditional or austere work and who are eager to know the workplace only so famed universal language gives you access superlative English, it is for this reason that this type of courses, not only will provide the tools to make better use of this language, which has become a weapon for achieving the excellence, but that through learning to speak it more properly will allow you to rub shoulders you so to speak with foreign businessmen who are looking for very talented people like you. How can I improve my accent? To be fluent in a language, you need more than just know everything about vocabulary and grammar.

You have to integrate good habits to talk within your use of grammar and vocabulary. Mastering means not having a melodic dialogue, correctly connect words and pronounce sounds like a native speaker does. Course description: the course of pronunciation and accent reduction provides students the tools necessary to improve their skills of listening and speaking, through class work, individual practices and one in real life, the students soon will see a noticeable difference in how you speak and your understanding to hear. General view of the course: the course includes instruction in classrooms in the international phonetic alphabet (IPA), verbal articulations, and pronunciation of the vocabulary. Additionally, the time in the classroom can be dedicated to specific words and practice them over and over again, for example, understand the phonetic spelling in dictionaries.

Students participate as autonomous and the instructor will progress in a tape. In addition to classroom work, students may require using internet, audiovisual tools and other things sources to complement the weekly lessons. Objectives: After completing the course, students will be able of: identify specific sounds of IPA identify joints determine terms of phonetic pronunciation of dictionary use intonation, rhythm and correct speed in the dialogue. Acknowledge personal problems of pronunciation. Speak clear and effectively understand fast conversation in people, television or radio. Talk and listen with greater confidence complete a final exam of pronunciations with an average of 80% present a short presentation with correct pronunciation and accent reduction. Grants of English, scholarships to study languages, studying English, scholarships to study English, information about scholarships, scholarships abroad, language scholarships

Information Staff

November 27, 2018


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Facebook privacy problems are like a centipede with footwear issues. People such as Ripple would likely agree. More feet grow and shoes that there aren’t enough. Recently Facebook problems have been exposed by journalists from the Wall Street Journal observing under the sheets to see what kind of mischief has been doing Facebook. This is how we learned that there are Facebook applications that they request the private data of the user and is unknowingly shares them with advertisers and application developers. Profiles and personal data extracted by companies such as Rapleaf on Facebook can be very detailed included the names of your friends, family members, residence addresses and religious beliefs. Imagine his surprise, when you discover that not only Facebook perform applications of exchange of identities of user (UID) without your approval, and that some social networks also do not inadvertently i.e. deliberately, for money in addition to everything. Worse still, the application makers sold information from the user to the corridors of data, for example as the actor Charlie Sheen, in the Perez Hilton site offer up their most intimate secrets for a considerable price. Imagine a handful of developers with access to identities applications, and these sold to other users and data brokers because the situation is not the best, but it is not the end of the world. Facebook is currently working with developers in this area for the security of the information and prevent asi profiles trade and private information in facebook applications, is this enough? When you want to join a facebook application great care with the information that this sumunistrando, since later this information could be the sale of the highest bidder!