November 30, 2018


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Holiday season is difficult to take a diet, because there is always a meal by means such as family dinners, celebrations with friends and business meetings that takes you to suspend your usual activities. The month of January is ideal to recover the balance in the diet after the excesses of the holidays. To do this we give you some tips to recover that balance. Not stop eating: thought that you removing the dinner or breakfast you will lose the accumulated kilos, but only get lose weight temporarily. To lose weight you should not leave to five meals a day, because if you eliminate any main meal, the body interprets it as a situation of hunger and prepares to stored fat reserves to prevent periods of less intake of food. Retrieves the vegetables and fruits: take fruits and vegetables will help us to reduce your daily calories to properly nourish us and fill us with vitality healthy. Eat moderately: is important to keep track of the quantities ingested and recover in diet planning. Healthy eating: to do so is to choose the right foods.

You must consume dairy fat, lean meats, all kinds of fruits and vegetables, drinks without sugar and whole grains that provide fiber. And above all that food to be grilled, boiled or baked. Drinking water: is the best drink, since it contains no calories and detoxifies the body. Retrieve the exercise routine: recover your exercise routine and to begin the new year by incorporating new techniques as new disciplines or more intensity to maintain ideal weight and a life healthy. These tips will help us to start a different year, and feel more active and healthy.