Positive Service Experience

April 27, 2018


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the other end of the range road from customer point of view by the way, how you can feel well treated as a customer even if you bought not the cheapest product. Good service is a non-negligible part of any services or goods? Today I had the pleasure to give up a package at the post office. Normally I use always another shipping service, but in this case, there was a clear requirement. I caught a branch, where there were two long snakes. The postal employee and his colleague at the secondary switch had full hands. I decided once again after a short deliberation for old habit for the wrong checkout line. The customers who were served by the Lady disappeared quickly again.

On my snake there was only a stamp collectors me various questions, then a Lord who had forgotten their PIN number and then an EC-failure of the card payment. But: The post employee has all the time to keep the good mood and served all the people friendly and obliging. Me, too. And in my opinion, it may then also even five minutes longer. For the supply of goods and services is now so great that you develop a certain immunity to the duration of irrigation of the discount chains as a customer.

I myself can hardly distinguish whether a newspaper supplement comes from the media market or Saturn, especially since all quotes look kind of the same and apparently among the competitors also still are matched. I have a Web host, which friendly questions too silly me, because he has realised that customers may have certainly sometimes have no idea. I can remember today the pizzeria, who has bought my children an extra pizza rolls. And I also notice how many formerly family-friendly markets have abolished their children’s play corners in favour of larger sales areas. A positive counter-example for this provides my opinion of IKEA. This furniture is focused on families and on the needs of women. Who deals with the topic of purchasing decisions, will know that even in the Male-dominated home improvement needs be taken about 60 percent of all buying decisions of women. And women place most emphasis on good service…