House Sitting Services

April 27, 2018


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The interview with the head of the home guard in Graz Mr. Dr. Kollaritsch, house sitting Agency, feature your House guardians or should we say House guardians? active in South Tyrol, Austria, of Switzerland, Hungary and southern Germany. Offer the same services in these countries, or are there country-specific requirements or preferences of the clients? “Dr. Guido Kollaritsch: within the framework of the home guard” my house keeper to operate mainly in Austria. The service is but always known why I increasingly get accepted also in other neighbouring countries shall you claim. The range is the same also in these countries as in Austria, specific requirement profiles I could not determine so far here. “The term House guardians” would believe a discrimination of the profession Homesitters “represent, since this generally meet a high profile and in some cases, consider about weather disasters, enormous demands grew must be.

How to see your former colleagues at the police in Austria the prevention model house sitting services? There are reservations or recommendations? “Dr. Guido Kollaritsch: the introduction of the home guard service” has been welcomed from the beginning both by the Austrian police authorities as well as by colleagues, but also by numerous media,. This alone because the experiences from Germany since the 1980s, approximately 25,000 operations, in which the House keeper in the object was present, only two break-in attempts and now it can be, that in 90% of cases, in which the House or apartment is inhabited, no burglary happens. Studies of the BKA Wiesbaden and the Ruhr-UNI Bochum come to the conclusion that the House hats”represents an objective approach to the prevention of home and apartment break-ins, or objects are as empty and should be inhabited by relatives, friends or just by House guardians. Have we understood that, even if a House is inhabited, there is still a 10 percent risk of burglary? And why is this not inserts for house sitting? Dr.