Jenners Services

April 30, 2018


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Jenners Hausmeisterservice informed of its services the permanent preservation of real estate depends on a variety of maintenance and care. Whether it involves minor repair work or the complete clearing out of an apartment, to own real estate means necessarily a considerable effort. The Rostock company of Jenners is committed to the competent performance of all tasks, which go hand in hand with the preservation of value of real estate services. A qualified and dedicated team of employees supported Managing Director Jens Fischer in his commitment to fulfilling the needs of property owners. All employees of the company place highest emphasis on reliable, timely and cost-effective provision of impeccable quality. The enthusiasm of its employees allows Jenners services alleviate the owners of commercial and private real estate costs a fixed hiring professional services would mean for them. The space Rostock, employees of the company is engaged in the following focus areas: A professionally cleaned real estate cleaning is essential for the desired impression of customers, tenants and prospects.

Of course also hygiene and health must not be forgotten. Each property is to ensure, should be cleaned regularly. The staff of Jenners services performs reliably and professionally appropriate cleaning services. Maintenance will receive their commercial value and their desired atmosphere without maintenance real estate from the leaky faucet to replacing defective lamps. Jenners services has technically savvy employees who perform all such work quickly and competently. Beautiful gardens and green parks serve as places of recreation and welcome distraction from the everyday grey of the city landscape and garden maintenance in each village.

Such systems must competent are maintained to preserve their peaceful character. Otherwise, a wilderness of overgrown weeds will quickly from a beautiful garden plant. The commitment of Jenners of landscaping and garden maintenance services ensures that garden – parks always handsome as you like and receive their recreational value. Disposal is the timely and proper waste disposal as well in the task pane of the real estate owner, such as clearing out work. Jenners services relieves its customers reliably and on time of corresponding tasks. Transports of Jenners likes over services transport work and delivery services in addition to its professional janitorial services. Of course, reliability and punctuality also here have priority for the employees of the company. Outside of the described performance priorities Jens Fischer and his colleagues perceive also the interests of their clients in other service areas.