Web Self

April 27, 2018


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“ESS creates space for strategic human resource management of the employee self service (ESS), which with employee self management” can be translated, keep feeding increased also in medium-sized companies. One reason for this is the increasing adoption of Web-based applications that allow the use of an employee self management quickly and without complications. In terms of value-added, optimizations in terms of cost, quality and time are for decades, for example, by means of introduction of lean management or even production systems almost on the order of the day. Almost as long, the administrative area was almost criminally neglected. More and more companies now recognize that significant potential for savings and improvement remain unnoticed in the administration.

Undoubtedly HR binds several temporal resources in the enterprise: starting in the collection and management of employee-related master data, over the handling of absentee management, to the organisation of Further education and training. Redundancies are due to necessary coordination sloops between HR, hardly go to the employees and their superiors. Here, the employee creates self service solution. Of fundamental importance for the use of an employee self management, the presence of granular access permissions is to protect the highly sensitive personal data from unauthorized access. Self service changing the amount of an employee in the corporate practice from company to company. “Mostly the employee self comes under service but also known in the field of information retrieval by internal data, the term yellow pages”, the management of the individual employee master data or also the application and approval procedure of training and holidays to wear. As a result staff, for example, the obligation to accept, manage their own employee master data or a will that land approval procedure directly with the responsible persons, Achieved increased effectiveness for these processes in the company. Formerly redundant process steps are using the employee self management not only reduced, but completely eliminated.