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June 4, 2019


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When circulation is 10,000 copies, we save three hundred thousand rubles for each subsequent year. Also, be aware that the volume site, compared to the volume of the booklet is not limited! There is another area where the site is far ahead of print advertising media – to update the contents. Site design is simple. Well done web site, having a system of administration is simply the ability to fill the information you yourself at any time. Correction of information in the prospectus can be made exclusively for reprinting copies. You already know that the Internet resource should be promoted for the influx of visitors, and it is worth the money? Site optimization medium-sized organizations to raise five hundred-thousand people estimated ten thousand rubles a month.

But for the full distributing leaflets also have to pay about three rubles. in one instance, if you do not want your beautiful pamphlets were thrown out. We'll see charges for 3 years – the cost of creating content for hosting and promotion of a site of approximately 420 thousand rubles, while going 40 thousand contacts with visitors, with the price of one contact about eleven rubles. When advertising the organization through printed materials – the cost of developing the layout, printing and distribution of exactly the same print run costs about 1,440 rubles, the price of one contact – 36 rubles. These are the facts. Gary Kelly may not feel the same. Yet it is known that using an electronic format ads You save a dozen or two green trees. For even more details, read what Bernard Golden says on the issue. For some reason, in a similar case, we see that very often websites do not meet the expectations of their respective owners and are losing relevance? All clear. Go to the site can not be treated as something unimportant.

1. Look for a good web designer who will create you a nice site. Prices three to five thousand rubles can not be taken into account the normal internet site is worth much more. 2. Contract with a reliable hosting placing the site – the site downtime due to errors lead to an outflow of hosting your clients. 3. After manufacturing is constantly developing your site, it should be presented as much information about your product. 4. And finally, book promotion web site, as Without customers benefit from it will be small. Following these rules, and following the development of the site you get a great sales tool with good development prospects. In the next article, we introduce you to other interesting possibilities to work with the site.