Service Pricing Webstudios

October 5, 2019


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First, a large proportion of falls on the design pages. And this work correctly assess the quality of which the entrepreneur can not. He's not a professional in this field. In addition, labor costs and the designer design quality is not always directly linked. And where is uncertain quality and costs, there and the price is unlikely to be objectively calculated. Secondly, work in web-studio almost never limited to one option design, and site too. As a rule, does a lot of versions of the product as long as the employer will not accept the proposed work. Therefore, to estimate labor costs in advance to create a site to estimate accurately is not possible.

This leads to the fact that the studio, waiting for such behavior entrepreneur, provides all the costs of coordination of the project in its value. Third, each site is a unique work from a design standpoint, so the market Naturally there is no single price. Fourth, the market for web-sites, the situation is that the developer can adequately assess the complexity of the work, but the customer, that is, a businessman – no. This leads to an overestimation of the value services through the exaggeration of their complexity by the developer and, ultimately, the cost of site is determined not so much the complexity of many famous studios, and the degree of ignorance of the entrepreneur. Fifth, for the same reason and underdeveloped market of web design, chances for a high price to get a job beginners, that is, roughly speaking, "hack-work" and is issued for a quality product.

Sixthly, the concept of "site development firm" web-studio embeds a different set of services. For example, some companies will simply make you a site, while others will fill it with information and register it in the online catalog, others will add support for free. Sixth, many studios do not want to waste time on small orders, and even the most basic work will request a fairly high price. Seventh, the Internet, there are many ready-Chalon site, design templates, images, etc. Therefore, the developer will almost never makes the site a 'zero'. And sometimes just assembles ready-made solutions.