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December 4, 2019


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Submit your site to Internet directories – the second and main step in the promotion of the site. First of all registration site in directories need to increase the number of inbound links to your site and, consequently, higher ranking PR and TIC. The number of directories on the Internet is growing, but the quality of these directories often leaves much to be desired. It is necessary to understand what all the directories differ. – White directories – directories that do not require accommodation links to a directory on your site, but the number of directories on the Internet is small.

– Black directories – These directories require a link to the site without fail before the registration site. In the absence of references moderators directory does not publish information about the site. There are also gray folders, check that it is recommended to put a link, but do not need. If you put links to directories, then one of the villages you there the so-called ‘linkopomoyka’, which may complicate the relationship with search engines. Search engines, especially Yandex, lower your ranking and the order of Google, and sometimes they may be excluded from the search database, which is critical. In order not to create pages with lots of options – it just does not need to create. According to my observations only 10-20% of the moderators appear on the site to check the links directory.

To be effective registration site in directories best site to register manually. But this option even if free (if the internet – bezlimiten), but requires a lot of time and effort. Find directories can be through any search engine. Such method is fraught with as the influx of spam to your mailbox as you enter your e-mail at the registration stage, or viruses, rootkits. Many creators directory knowingly introduce into the shell directory malware. If you choose this method of registration please create a separate mailbox where letters will be sent with the information (completely unnecessary) the placement site in the directory. There is another way – registration of the site through registration services, in this case need only register for the service and payment services (from 100 to 1,000 rubles. on average, depending on the quality and quantity of services). In my opinion this is the most preferred practically does not take the time (registration takes about 5 minutes to 5 days) and relatively inexpensive. I think the best services and. On these services can be found with the package of services and select the appropriate option. As a freshman and find a professional turnkey solution that best fits the price and quality. An important tip: do not trust companies with virtually free offerings, such as – ‘registration site in 10000 directories for 50 rubles. ” Free cheese is only in a mousetrap. Free offers, as a rule will have no effect and will add only a headache to the creator site.