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Open Joint Stock Company

August 12, 2021


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Errors, corrections and blots it is not allowed. Moreover, the mistakes that were revealed after receiving the documents the registrar will entail the denial of state registration. 2.Kopiya passport. 3.Kopiya document confirming your place of residence. 4.Kvitantsiya the payment of state duty. Its size is 200 rubles.

5.Ryad other documents stipulated by law in individual cases. Keep in mind that the registration of FE matter any details until the color of the handle, which you fill out documents. The order of their appearance is enshrined in government decree 439 of 19 June 2002. Registration of companies. This activity also has its own set of features.

To begin with, you will need to choose organizational and legal form of your entity. You can choose any. Register a LLC or a limited liability company. Features: 1.Ustavny capital – not less than 100 minimum wages. 2.Kolichestvo participants – from one to fifty. 3.Uchastniki LLC is not liable for its obligations and bear the risk of losses associated with the company’s activities within the value of their contributions. Register or joint-stock company closed society. In general, very similar to the LLC (to match the first two counts), but has one distinctive feature: the optional issuance of shares, which, however, apply Mezhuyev participants. And finally, Inc. or Open Joint Stock Company. . Features: 1.Ustavny capital – not less than 1,000 minimum wages. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Michael Dell. 2.Kolichestvo participants – not limited. 3.Svobodny issue of shares. Of course, this is not all the features organizational and legal forms of legal entities. Each of them has both advantages and disadvantages. On them will tell you MosYurGarant specialists. When you decide to view your company will be proceed to its creation. Depending on the legal form of your company you will need to prepare a series of documents: statutes, articles of incorporation, minutes of the meeting of founders, decision, etc. Also required to pay state tax, which amounts to two thousand. Regardless of whether this registration company, register company or registration of the order of its uniqueness. We must turn to the registration Body Service ready documents executed and completed properly: 1.Podpisannoe and certified statement in proper form (P 11001). 2.Reshenie the creation of a legal entity. 3.Uchreditelnye documents created legal entity. 4.Dokument the payment of the fee. As is the case with registration FE, the documents must be drafted in such a way as to not undermine the mosquito nose. Of course, it can guarantee only the professionals. The company’s specialists MosYurGarant are experts in their field. We will carry out registration of company (and only) “turnkey”. A very important document, which the law provides, but is required registrars tax Inspection is a document that confirms the location of your future company. And with this in practice may be difficult. Our company and this will solve your problem, and we will help you buy a legal address. Thus, Now you can see that the company MosYurGarant employs highly qualified specialists who understand the business. Contact us, and save yourself a lot of hassle associated with legal support of your affairs company.

Courier Services

January 21, 2020


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An important part of any business are the relationships that affect the prosperity of each organization. In this respect, accuracy and timeliness is important. Sending any kind of correspondence takes time. E-mail – not the best solution, since this kind of shipment is required at least a few days, it does not give full safety guarantees correspondence. Also, mail will only work with letters, while the courier service can of delivering not only letters but also, for example, flowers. Courier services include: – delivery of documents – most often use such a service for businesses sending reports, balance and other documents.

Moreover, the documents can not only be on paper, but also on electronic media – the delivery of mail – this service is most often used by advertising agencies that distribute promotional materials or brochure. Smaller publications are also resorting to this type of delivery, so as to work with large-scale distributors press them unprofitable – the delivery of gifts – a service is used and the organizations and individuals – the delivery of flowers – also used by organizations and individuals – the delivery of valuable cargo – a service often requires organizations that want to be sure that no valuables are lost, and will be delivered to the addressee. That is, express services are convenient in that correspondence is delivered to the right place at the right time and with a guarantee of safety. For businesses the advantage of courier service is that to perform tasks that appear during from time to time, no need to keep a permanent person in the state.

Legal Services

January 12, 2020


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If you have matured a plan to create a company, you can proceed to some agency that can provide legal services. Verizon addresses the importance of the matter here. Recently, Russia has been a gradual increase in demand for legal services. Businessmen and citizens are beginning to realize that business performance, profit margins, finally, their standard of living is directly dependent on the degree of legal protection. Applying for legal support, economic solution, civil, labor disputes in court with the participation of a representative – a qualified becoming common practice. One of the types of legal services is to register the company.

Before heading for support in the legal agency, you need to consider these points. 1) business name. Before co-founding a company, you need to decide on the name of the company, as it will appear in all documents of the company. K Also in the resounding lack of a beautiful name the company becomes a faceless, one of many. Today government agencies do not require individual names and no longer hold control on the unit name. 2) ADDRESS next step prior to the preparation of constituent documents of the election becomes the legal address of the firm. Establish a company is allowed to stay at the place of the executive body. 3) To establish Now, as the company's founders.

Set up a firm may be natural persons (citizens of Russia and foreign citizens) and legal persons (both Russian and foreign). The law provides for a quantitative restriction number of founders for the company and the company – not more than 50. The founder may be the same person. The data on the founders of individuals provided in the form of photocopies of passports, if the founder of the alien, the need to translate a passport. – From founders – legal entities need copies of the following documents: – Certificate of registration. – Certificate of Incorporation of information (BIN assignment).


February 13, 2019


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I like the modern computer designer, is often asked: Slide show – what is it? I will try to briefly and clearly explained. Digital photography has enabled us to make unprecedented number of shots. Traditional paper-based photo albums with photos is now replaced by a huge amount of unstructured folders with digital photos on CD or on your hard drive. It's no secret that it is now often the best photo forgotten, and are not shown to anyone. How such a huge amount of pictures to represent family and friends? One of the best-create a photo slide show. Slide show – this is a film from your photos on DVD.

Typically, a slide show consists of a number of photos that turn over with colorful transitions and is accompanied by pleasant music. Online sample slide show (35 MB) on "The Knights Tournament" (no Remember to turn your speakers on! =)): This example is taken from the site Erzuli What you need to slide show? For a slide show need your digital photos. The talented designer's hands to turn any number of photos into a memorable photo film, decoration of your digital collection. And SLIDESHOW – a great original gift! Which can easily surprise and please everyone. You can make a case to back up a slide show and it is not only the most loved photos, and video elements. Spectacular transitions, music, greeting the inscription.

Such a gift can become a main theme of the holiday! Congratulations, raduyte, amaze! For any event and for themselves favorite! Topics may be different: Wedding slide show Kids My favorite photos Parents On the anniversary of a love letter or recognition My trips to resorts Graduation My Favorite Memoirs Photos Our large The family is a gift to friends slide show for exhibitions, promotions, presentations, is well known that the slide show – one of the fastest to implement, low-budget, informative, high quality and very effective options for business roller. Very popular videos for exhibitions and presentations – a special genre of representation business, whose mission – to attract new customers. Their main goal, as a rule – talk about a specific proposal, the product, service. This slide show will include a company logo, perhaps a variety of charts, diagrams, graphs. In the slide show can be activated and animated effects. When combined with dynamic music and professional voice narration, films for exhibitions and impressive slide show looks very clearly, persuasively and attractively. To order a slide show, please visit Erzuli:

Information About The Advantages Of Article Delivery Of Correspondence

June 22, 2016


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Delivery by courier for a serious organization does not make any difficulties, since a large staff is always possible to send an employee with a courier service, and if the delivery of this type are not so many, there is no the need for courier services. In some cases, the courier does not arrive at work at the service, it notifies the manager of distribution, using the telephone or using the forum about the delivery, sends the coordinates of the customer. Couriers are more popular, delivering packages on time and safely, by leading the manager to deliver. Couriers deliver important documents, flowers, calendars, correspondence, gifts and more. Any carrier, knowing the business, without too much trouble fulfill an order, even in unfamiliar city or neighborhood, but the probability of failure is still there.

Most courier services used by large enterprise, because carriers are working professionally, and it is very important. If you need a messenger, simply call customer service, after a short time to arrive and deliver the courier that you need. Performing this job courier refers to it quite seriously, intently, he was always in touch with the service and the customer and is ready to make the necessary efforts to fulfill the order. Courier has done his job perfectly. Using courier services, you can be sure that the goods will be carried out in ugovorennye time. If the courier without a good reason not to attend work, and is not aware of this act, it must be dismissed as not to reflected in the work of the courier company.

Courier, Courier it everywhere and always, it is a huge responsibility for the goods, for the same kind in a hurry this is necessary, because it affects the number of its orders, earnings, and respectively, satisfied the customer and the service. Client, making choices, exploring delivery courier forum of some parcels, look, what services are provided by one or another service, shipping, and often turn to courier service, located on the first page of search engine Yandex. Couriers are different, everyone has their secrets, their own versions of works that will never see another, some do everything with ease and simplicity, other work is given more complicated and worse. Speed – this is not the only difference from the courier mailing address, any courier service responsible for the professionalism and timeliness, carriers operating at maximum returns. Express delivery has many advantages over other possible, as meets the current requirements. Customers receive from courier services an incredible help, so it makes no sense to keep own service delivery, because delivery is rarely required, also much more profitable to use the services of a courier, rather than have extra staff. Service couriers in the chain of delivery are important to customers, and to express distribution, because both are happy to cooperate, as there is an opportunity to discuss in advance all the conditions, and the customer can alert about how delivery was done forum. System has great meaning delivery from hand to hand, your order will not forget nor in the table, it is unnecessary to wait for all, it is not transported in overcrowded vehicles, and the order will be delivered from the hands of the sender in the hands of the recipient. Courier delivers on time, customer determines the amount of time and performance, and the service gets great reviews for it on delivery, thus improving their status.

Effective Promotion Of Products And Services Online

March 9, 2015


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In today's age of high technology is absolutely unacceptable to remain ignorant. If you wish success to your business, you must tell it to everyone. Or at least the most active contingent – users Internet. Today, fewer and fewer people are turning to the printed directories, and more – to the virtual directories. For most companies it is important regional reference. Therefore, registration in such a directory will have tangible benefit.

Business directory of companies is almost unmatched. Registering in the directory, you can: – use your own logo, it is no secret that the visual display is not as important as the text – to lay out all the necessary information about the company's most visible place – it will not have to look for. – Placing a detailed price list of their products and services. Show showmanship to the client, interest him, and reap, and functional quality of our catalog for you to do almost all the work. But this advantage is not limited to the catalog. If you want to be kept in mind that your logo will be displayed on a banner, which all time depends on the site.

They are displayed in random order company, registered in the directory, and it is possible that this user goes to you. Even if he was looking for some other company. Incidentally, the catalog to be beneficial novice. Once you register in the catalog, information about your company is displayed on all pages in a special section.

Exception Product

September 7, 2014


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Fear of failure, we all made mistakes and are afraid to re-do something wrong. And your customer – not the exception. He may be behind a failed acquisition of experience and the experience he has been associated with the seller, ie, with you. So the first thing a buyer feel like help in security. Let him know that you are acting in their interest that you have with him in the same boat. In order to dispel fears of a client, let him talk with those who are already working with you, provide goods to a temporary use, or offer a refund.

Speak with the client about the result: his wife praised the choice to approve or superiors as he envied friends. Studies show that people are increasingly difficult to decide independently. Find out what is important to your buyer and ask exactly what fits his needs, adding that many are taking that product. 3. When people fear of overpaying to buy anything, they hope get three things: good quality, excellent service and low prices. How realistic is this combination – a fruitful topic for discussion with your client. But, nevertheless, you have to reckon with such expectations. All people want to spend money with gusto, so it is important to engage in emotional selling.

Wake the imagination and fantasy to your customers, make them feel the exhilarating joy of owning your product, give it try, touch, smell, taste. Successful real estate agents make the communication with customers in a lively discussion of housing arrangement: where will be living and where they put the sofa, etc. Always talk to your buyer in terms of advantages, use the technique ‘But that’s not all’ 4. Fear of the unknown will agree that none of us wants to buy a pig in a poke. Lack of information about your product or your company can become reasonable grounds to sale never took place. Sure, a good reputation can save time and effort, but if one is unavailable, use all his arsenal to inspire confidence in buyers. Even if you – a young company, you always have a compelling argument: You are interested in their customers, you are more flexible, you will promptly respond to market needs.

Some Recommendations For Choosing A Warm Jacket Or Coat

July 17, 2014


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When choosing a winter coat should pay attention primarily to what you would expect from a potential purchase. The jacket should not discourage you in a few days after purchase, so treat this case with all seriously. Determine for yourself first style: sport – it is certainly a feather bed with natural down and like them with big cocks sports a layer of synthetic insulation or business (Classic) – this jacket with textile upper, classic cut and high-tech fillers inside. Most popular in Russia, winter jackets – down jackets are different. The warmest and quality eiderdown fluff, but it is very expensive, it hand-harvested from the nests of birds, which is very significant effect on the price of the product, but despite this he was very popular with manufacturers of winter clothing for extreme conditions.

Product of natural fluff necessarily be marked Down the domestic label. Often attached to the product sample down, which is inside the jacket or coat. Since 100% of down jackets are very expensive, adding to the down feather. This helps reduce the cost of goods and also serves as the basis for the fuzz, because it creates a "skeleton", which does not allow him to dump down. Composition of the insulation must be reflected on the inside label of a down product. As a rule, down jacket uses the ratio of 80 percent down and 20 feathers. There are jackets and coats, and other relations with the down / feather, down to 50 to 50, but we can not recommend them to you, as an excess of the pen in any case betrays product stiffness and adds weight to the same pen will certainly be to climb through the seams. That is more than fluff contained within, the more light and heat must be the product. Some more advice: how the inside, and with external in any case should not be seen getting out feathers and down.