Open Joint Stock Company

August 12, 2021


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Errors, corrections and blots it is not allowed. Moreover, the mistakes that were revealed after receiving the documents the registrar will entail the denial of state registration. 2.Kopiya passport. 3.Kopiya document confirming your place of residence. 4.Kvitantsiya the payment of state duty. Its size is 200 rubles.

5.Ryad other documents stipulated by law in individual cases. Keep in mind that the registration of FE matter any details until the color of the handle, which you fill out documents. The order of their appearance is enshrined in government decree 439 of 19 June 2002. Registration of companies. This activity also has its own set of features.

To begin with, you will need to choose organizational and legal form of your entity. You can choose any. Register a LLC or a limited liability company. Features: 1.Ustavny capital – not less than 100 minimum wages. 2.Kolichestvo participants – from one to fifty. 3.Uchastniki LLC is not liable for its obligations and bear the risk of losses associated with the company’s activities within the value of their contributions. Register or joint-stock company closed society. In general, very similar to the LLC (to match the first two counts), but has one distinctive feature: the optional issuance of shares, which, however, apply Mezhuyev participants. And finally, Inc. or Open Joint Stock Company. . Features: 1.Ustavny capital – not less than 1,000 minimum wages. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Michael Dell. 2.Kolichestvo participants – not limited. 3.Svobodny issue of shares. Of course, this is not all the features organizational and legal forms of legal entities. Each of them has both advantages and disadvantages. On them will tell you MosYurGarant specialists. When you decide to view your company will be proceed to its creation. Depending on the legal form of your company you will need to prepare a series of documents: statutes, articles of incorporation, minutes of the meeting of founders, decision, etc. Also required to pay state tax, which amounts to two thousand. Regardless of whether this registration company, register company or registration of the order of its uniqueness. We must turn to the registration Body Service ready documents executed and completed properly: 1.Podpisannoe and certified statement in proper form (P 11001). 2.Reshenie the creation of a legal entity. 3.Uchreditelnye documents created legal entity. 4.Dokument the payment of the fee. As is the case with registration FE, the documents must be drafted in such a way as to not undermine the mosquito nose. Of course, it can guarantee only the professionals. The company’s specialists MosYurGarant are experts in their field. We will carry out registration of company (and only) “turnkey”. A very important document, which the law provides, but is required registrars tax Inspection is a document that confirms the location of your future company. And with this in practice may be difficult. Our company and this will solve your problem, and we will help you buy a legal address. Thus, Now you can see that the company MosYurGarant employs highly qualified specialists who understand the business. Contact us, and save yourself a lot of hassle associated with legal support of your affairs company.