Some Recommendations For Choosing A Warm Jacket Or Coat

July 17, 2014


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When choosing a winter coat should pay attention primarily to what you would expect from a potential purchase. The jacket should not discourage you in a few days after purchase, so treat this case with all seriously. Determine for yourself first style: sport – it is certainly a feather bed with natural down and like them with big cocks sports a layer of synthetic insulation or business (Classic) – this jacket with textile upper, classic cut and high-tech fillers inside. Most popular in Russia, winter jackets – down jackets are different. The warmest and quality eiderdown fluff, but it is very expensive, it hand-harvested from the nests of birds, which is very significant effect on the price of the product, but despite this he was very popular with manufacturers of winter clothing for extreme conditions.

Product of natural fluff necessarily be marked Down the domestic label. Often attached to the product sample down, which is inside the jacket or coat. Since 100% of down jackets are very expensive, adding to the down feather. This helps reduce the cost of goods and also serves as the basis for the fuzz, because it creates a "skeleton", which does not allow him to dump down. Composition of the insulation must be reflected on the inside label of a down product. As a rule, down jacket uses the ratio of 80 percent down and 20 feathers. There are jackets and coats, and other relations with the down / feather, down to 50 to 50, but we can not recommend them to you, as an excess of the pen in any case betrays product stiffness and adds weight to the same pen will certainly be to climb through the seams. That is more than fluff contained within, the more light and heat must be the product. Some more advice: how the inside, and with external in any case should not be seen getting out feathers and down.