Exception Product

September 7, 2014


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Fear of failure, we all made mistakes and are afraid to re-do something wrong. And your customer – not the exception. He may be behind a failed acquisition of experience and the experience he has been associated with the seller, ie, with you. So the first thing a buyer feel like help in security. Let him know that you are acting in their interest that you have with him in the same boat. In order to dispel fears of a client, let him talk with those who are already working with you, provide goods to a temporary use, or offer a refund.

Speak with the client about the result: his wife praised the choice to approve or superiors as he envied friends. Studies show that people are increasingly difficult to decide independently. Find out what is important to your buyer and ask exactly what fits his needs, adding that many are taking that product. 3. When people fear of overpaying to buy anything, they hope get three things: good quality, excellent service and low prices. How realistic is this combination – a fruitful topic for discussion with your client. But, nevertheless, you have to reckon with such expectations. All people want to spend money with gusto, so it is important to engage in emotional selling.

Wake the imagination and fantasy to your customers, make them feel the exhilarating joy of owning your product, give it try, touch, smell, taste. Successful real estate agents make the communication with customers in a lively discussion of housing arrangement: where will be living and where they put the sofa, etc. Always talk to your buyer in terms of advantages, use the technique ‘But that’s not all’ 4. Fear of the unknown will agree that none of us wants to buy a pig in a poke. Lack of information about your product or your company can become reasonable grounds to sale never took place. Sure, a good reputation can save time and effort, but if one is unavailable, use all his arsenal to inspire confidence in buyers. Even if you – a young company, you always have a compelling argument: You are interested in their customers, you are more flexible, you will promptly respond to market needs.