Elements For Making A Proposal

June 16, 2016


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Presentacion Elemento for a project in the field of education (first part) today in educational schools require specific activities for a student in particular or to a group of students; Depending on the problem (s) that the students present in the educational field in relation to teaching and learning. In the present work is given to know the essential elements to educational agents for the development of an educational project. Educational projects are always designed with the desire to meet the needs of the children depending on the problems that present inside and outside the classroom as an alternative solution. Elements condescenderan the following: _ allow them to or educational agents to identify the conditions in which its work takes place. Educational agents apropiaran methodological and didactic strategies. Each of them is important since it makes it possible to catch a glimpse of the design, implementation and optimal results during and in the application of the designed project. Developing awareness of the elements of a project is important so that allows identify, meet and give possible solutions to multiple problems there or they arise in the field of education, especially in the classroom.

Does the realization of an educational project requires a structure below will be announced this structure: context-AN?LYSIS OF THE REALIDADASPECTO OR F FACTOR?SICOASPECTO OR FACTOR ECOL?MAGICAL – POPULATION?FICOSASPECTO OR FACTOR HIST?RICO & nbs p; -ASPECT or economic FACTOR – Appearance or SOCIAL FACTOR & n bsp; -JUR ASPECT?DO-POL?TICO – Nature aspect of these factors this focus to the problems of the group or of the student as a special case. CONTEXT-ANALYSIS?LYSIS of reality all we know that every society is composed of various elements related to each other and in continuous process of change. It is necessary to investigate the reality of the context that will allow knowledge and explanation and the interrelation of elements such as: data, facts, phenomena etc. In the field of education it is necessary to investigate the framework of reference for the above. FRAME OF REFERENCE: STUDENTS-INSTITUTION?EDUCATIONAL N. ASPECT OR F FACTOR?SICO: Dominates le how geographical: finds the location, extension, boundaries, topography etc. ASPECT OR FACTOR ECOL?MAGICAL-POPULATION?GRAPHICS here is basically considered the population (growth, distribution and housing).

Natural resources and environmental conditions should also take into account such as: the climate if it is favorable and unfavorable for life and production. ASPECT OR HIST FACTOR?Important rICOEs study the dynamics of social groups in different moments of its evolution. Since causal current facts or data compression is only possible in its genesis h aspect or FACTOR economical is the economic structure with leading production units and the mechanism of commercialization of the area. SOCIAL aspect or FACTOR the individual in the community does not act against nature to survive, but it becomes necessary and direct relationship with other men. Data about the family are considered to be the types of relations, social stratification, the local community, the living conditions. APPEARANCE POL?TICO in every society there is a law that gives legitimacy to their functioning; the maintenance of this system requires the establishment of institutionalized for the exercise of authority. Includes authority and institutional Government, organizations, distribution and exercise of power, leadership, leadership, ways and levels of participation. Nature aspect encompasses the set of ideas, patterns of behaviour and value systems that men acquire conscious or unconsciously: considered the Church, popular beliefs, artistic manifestations, recreation. Education: school education, population in school age, educational calendar, infrastructure, teaching staff and implementation of educational center. Also the relationship between the school and the community, social and traditional media.