Autonomia Education

June 2, 2016


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One is about a basically social action that contributes for cultural and scientific formation of the people, indispensable task for other democratic conquests. teaching 1.2Prtica Is necessary that the professional of the education has clear conscience on its paper in the society and the concept on the adopted method to mediate its pupils in the process of education/learning of determined content and that the knowledge of the contents to discipline are important, however is not enough for the formation citizen of the society. Libneo (1991) says that ' ' mtodo' ' it must more than be what the domain of procedures and techniques. As for education, this must have a global understanding of the educative process of the society: social and pedagogical ends, that make possible the formation of critical pupils that they can act in the society. What if he observes in the classrooms, not exclusively but with more evidences in the schools publishes, is exactly methods that go of meeting to the concept defended for Libneo, where professors in such a way of the basic education as of the average education, uses of practical descontextualizadas, that the aspects disrespect the pupils in almost all (psychological, sociological, geographic,).

1.2.1Formao Pablo Freire (1996) in ' ' Pedagogia of the Autonomia' ' , it argues knowing on them basic to the practical one educative-criticizes or progressive, and that these to know must be obligator contents to the programmatical organization of the teaching formation beyond suggesting practical that they make possible the educators to establish new relations of educabilidade between itself and the educandos. The teaching formation is crucial point for construction of a pertaining to school system that it aims at to fulfill its function to form citizens. It is clearly that alone school will not be capable to fulfill this paper, becomes necessary the envolvement of all the private sectors of the society, public and, as much for investment in the teaching formation as in the pertaining to school physical structure, in order to construct a sustainable and igualitria society.