Crisisproof Investment

June 20, 2016


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Is it worth gold as an investment? The consequences of the current financial and economic crisis may be yet long not in its entire breadth. The national debt has assumed frightening proportions and will rise further if running out of unemployment money, the labour market is captured by the crisis, which in the following calendar year is expected. Many analysts assume, therefore, that a massive, perhaps even the States want inflation is imminent EU countries with excessive debt should be curbed. Other plants than money have therefore high inlet. Gold as the most precious of all metals, has fascinated mankind since time immemorial and was always very valuable. No special attention was the glittering precious metal in barely a culture and that will not change even in the near future; the industrial, but also the fashion and cultural uses, which ensure a high level of demand for the rare element are too diverse. Have especially in turbulent or dangerous times the people demand ever lasting value investments and gold is probably the most consistent of all plants in addition to real estate and real estate.

Since the introduction of the euro, the price of gold has grown considerably so that gold certainly is not currently seen as the object of speculation in the short term prices. However is the single European currency with the forthcoming enlargement of the euro zone on the eastern candidate countries with their still large economic difficulties even with a decline expected, what even more necessary it makes to flee before the savings is nothing more worth in another form of the plant. Gold is also due to the unproblematic way, quickly and directly to buy and to sell an attractive and above all durable alternative safe. Christian pretty