June 2, 2016


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Turn negatives into positives: Never lose the will to think positive, everything seems invested poorly, or not solved. Take a chance and recognize your strengths: you think of five examples that makes you special. For example: I am honest, my bosses always trust me, friendly, I love dancing, an expert on kitchen. We always have qualities that we emphasize, some even far we have discovered. Accept yourself as you are, without passing within you low behavior: Acceptance is the basis of trust, confidence, love and self esteem.

Accepting yourself is knowing that matter if the mole on your face does not "like" others, analyze the remaining parts of your body and you'll see that they are working well. Should I behave in my own way provided this does not disturb others. Accept your feelings: When someone makes a joke, smiles. Try to enjoy just about anything. And if sometimes there are things you can put just thinks that's pure chance, and that it will have to go because life has invented to live as best we can. Take care of yourself (a): Learn to be independent, no longer depend on others. Couples survive longer when both try to be as independent of each other. Serves your needs: food, water, clothing, safety and shelter; love and belonging, esteem, and self-realization. From time to time would not hurt you knew the pleasure of going to places that are a reprieve for you, though expensive, but meets your needs. For example, if one is to eat an exotic dish that we only find in a fancy restaurant, do it even once in months, but that taste date.