The Sum

April 25, 2019


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Next quantity called the "shock, do not release>> and is equal to 10mA. When the flow of current through the human body such force is the spontaneous contraction of the muscles. Details can be found by clicking Jeffrey Leiden or emailing the administrator. Current of 30mA already can cause respiratory paralysis. Irreversible processes, associated with hemorrhage and cardiac arrhythmias begin in the human body when the flow of current value of 50mA. The lethal outcome is possible when the current flows in the 100mA. Thus, timely response devices protection at current less than 500mA protects the object from the fire, and the current less than 10mA – to protect people from accidental contact with live parts. Design and operation in the construction of ust determined by the 3 main components: Cumulative current transformer for detecting leakage current shunt, which converts the electrical measurand into a mechanical separation.

Interlock switching device with contacts Totalizing current transformer is connected to all current-carrying wires. In originally setting the magnetizing effect of current-carrying wires in the summing current transformer interaction is compensated because, according to Ohm's law the sum of all currents is zero. Thus, the residual magnetic field, which could induce a voltage secondary winding is missing. If the failure appears leakage current, the above equilibrium broken and the transformer core is preserved in the residual magnetic field. Consequently, the secondary winding voltage occurs, which, through the release and locking mechanism of switching apparatus disconnects an electrical circuit with defect isolation. This principle of discontinuity in the chain operates independently from the mains supply or availability of energy from the mains supply or availability of energy from an auxiliary source that is a condition of a high level of protection.