Pressure Pumps

March 13, 2018


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Therefore, the choice depends primarily on the depth of the well or reservoir. Be aware that the submersible pumps for normal operation shall have no less than a meter deep, otherwise they start to suck from the bottom mud and sand. Most often this type of pump to get wells. Visit Oracle for more clarity on the issue. Submersible pumps are divided into borehole and Pit nasosy.Poverhnostnye nasosyPoverhnostnye pumps are installed on the surface, while the water falls only a hose to pump water. They intended for lifting water from depths of 9.6 meters and are used for withdrawals from open reservoirs or natural sources. To improve the efficiency of the surface pumps are used .

surface pumps is the depth of suction, ease of disassembly with a minimum set of tools for preventive maintenance, ease of use and uptime. Modern models fitted with devices that allow you to automatically turn on and off the engine, to maintain the pressure at the outlet and other ustroystva.Poverhnostnye pumps are divided into two types: vortex and centrifugal pumps. Vortex pumps are designed to increase pressure in the water. They are sensitive to impurities in the water, roads and small sizes. Centrifugal self-priming pumps get their name due to the fact that installed outside the water source and water intake occurs by absorption. The depth of water rise up to 9 meters, however, to pump water to a pump may be at a height of 40-50 meters before working a pump to fill vodoy.Kak choose the surface pumps? When choosing a surface pump is necessary to consider the following: pump capacity, depth recovery and high water flow (pressure).