How To Choose A Saw

March 14, 2018


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Choosing a band saw, you should pay attention to its quality. Buying is right for you saw, properly displayed on the job. It is suitable for your needs Saw can improve quality and efficiency machine that you were willing to throw away. When you buy a band saw pay attention to several things, including price, quality and required maintenance of saws. Price may be one of the most important determinants of purchase. Looking at the cost, decide where you will use the band saw. This affects both the appearance and the brand needed the saw.

The higher the quality characteristics, so, of course, the higher the price. Do not forget, more than a top fabric you buy, and how often you do maintenance machine and cloth – the longer they will last. Buying a bandsaw, define the brand canvas belt. This should help you decide how much time serve you saw, what material it is permissible to cut, and price range. In order to determine the brand of your choice bandsaw, you should take into account several things. To begin with, determine how regularly you will use the machine.

If you are working with the machine each day – choose the brand saw with high performance, while the infrequent use of the machine will allow you to buy more expensive brands are not paintings of derating. Second, the quality of the saw blade is allowed to determine not only how it saws, but the behavior on the machine. Low vibration level indicates a benign saw and increases its performance. So, do not forget to make sure that you choose a saw that is suitable for your machine. Third, determine the type of material that you saw. For example, some saw a better sawing green wood, than dry. Relying on the advantages and disadvantages of different types of saws, you can pick up a few saws with different characteristics. Also taken into account when choosing a saw, and other factors, including the step of saw tooth and its thickness. Step tooth (TPI) is an important indicator for the bandsaw. This indicator measures different parameters of the process of sawing. At the expense of tpi vary the speed and efficiency of cutting, as well as how smooth the edge will be material. The width of a saw, from the tip of the tooth to the other side is also important. The width of the saw kerf and forms the radius of the potential flexibility of the saw during the sawing process. Maintenance bandsaw is also important in the process of its work. Carefully examining the saw after work, you increase its efficiency and longer life as a sheet, and the machine. First, do not force the cutting process. Let the saw sawing at the speed at which it is configured. Send material into the machine with a little pressure on the band saw. This will not only increase its service life, but also reduce the load on the equipment, which will also increase its lifetime. Second, do not forget about sharpening saws. Dull blade in a position to damage the material and decrease the operating speed. Third, the use of lubricant for the saw is able to increase its productivity. Lubricant reduces heat blade due to friction and, undoubtedly, increases its service life. And there is such a tube of lubricant is not very expensive. These tips will help you maintain high productivity drinking during work with them.