Classification Of Bearings

March 15, 2018


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Using such an important but somewhat obscure, the details of how the bearing in a variety of machines and devices, poses the question of its classification. First of all, the bearings are divided into two main classes – Bearings sliding and rolling bearings. Depending on the direction of the load bearing are: Radial (accept radial loads – perpendicular to the axis), Thrust (accept axial loads, it is their often referred to as axial bearings), radial-thrust (perceive both axial and radial loads). Plain bearings are divided into one-piece (which, basically, at low sliding speed intermittently work – in governance mechanisms) and connectors (used in heavy machinery). Provided also, and this particular class among the rolling and plain bearings as a self-aligning bearings. Bearings roll classified by the form of rolling bodies, ie, ball and roller bearings.

Roller bearings can be cylindrical, conical, needle, barrel-shaped and cast. Rolling bearings are separated also by Among the series of rolling elements: there are single and multiple (two-and four-row). It is worth noting that, for each type of bearing with one inner diameter are different series, different sizes of rings and body rolling. For assistance, try visiting Oracle. Series are ultra-light, very light, light, medium and heavy depending on the size of outer diameter. Depending on the width of the bearing series are divided into very narrow, narrow, normal, wide and high wide. This is the most common classification of bearings..