Cleaning Equipment Disinfection

November 12, 2014


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Specialists modern cleaning companies happy to advise on the elimination of all sorts of problems of cleaning and disinfection of equipment and facilities, as well as specially developed technological recommendations for the use of detergents in a particular company. Modern cleaning equipment is done by means of detergents and disinfectants. Having a large range of detergents and cleaning provides an effective means of cleaning and disinfection at all stages of the technological process of production, from its raw material preparation to packaging have a fully finished product. Must also respect hygiene standards in the enterprise, especially staff: External cleaning equipment, namely cleaning with disinfection of various surfaces and pieces of equipment by hand or using the foam technology, using the foam generator, soaking and other equally effective means; Cleaning equipment with the help of the so-called "cold" disinfection of equipment and pipelines, as well as washing and disinfection of edible products such as vegetables and dip or circulation (CIP-cleaning). Filling the tank cleaned with a disinfectant based on peracetic acid; It is also necessary clean and disinfect various types of equipment such as tanks, tanks, reservoirs, collections, even the pipes, homogenizers, mixers and pasteurizing, cooking apparatus and dosing, filling and packaging machines and many other methods of filling, circulation, and of course, using the facilities of the cip (CIP); More cleaning equipment in the form of cleaning and disinfection is necessary for reliable operation of conveyor belts conveyors and more.